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Transfer your creative ideas into your very own self-made statement jewellery!
In the free live workshops powered by FIMO you will learn how to create your first collection of polymer clay earrings using a series of decorative techniques.
Top FIMO artist and jewellery designers from all over the world will teach you how to design jewellery that expresses your individual style.
Discover and learn the entire process of making your own polymer jewellery from start to finish!

Pastel Rainbow Earrings
with Lisa

11th May 2022 // 7 p.m. (GMT)
In this free live workshop you will learn how to create Pastel Rainbow Earrings with FIMO.
FIMO artist Lisa takes you into the beautiful world of pastel colours and teaches you how to craft earrings and a matching jewellery dish from leftovers.
By the end of the workshop your self-made earrings can be placed in your self-made jewellery dish.

About Lisa
Fimo Artist

Her first experiences with FIMO made Lisa by creating accessories for cosplay characters. Since then, she loves being creative and exploring all the endless possibilities with FIMO. Marbling is her favourite technique as it’s especially great for leftover materials and always looks amazing. Bringing all the current trends to life and being inspired by all the amazing ideas from content creators she improved her skills overtime a lot. Her insider tip for all the FIMO beginners is: Just start! The possibilities are endless. If you struggle, try again.

Follow Lisa on Instagram @meinfeenstaub and check out her website.


Additional items:
• optional: a FIMO extruder
• optional: 1 metallic marker

Items you'll probably have at home:
• a baking sheet
• an oven and an oven tray
• a plain working surface e.g. a glass plate or a ceramic tile
• a rolling pin for clay (alternatively, you can also use a glass bottle)
• 2 small pliers (round nose)
• a knife
• a small glass plate, cutting board or ceramic tile for rolling out even clay strings
• hot glue gun or super glue
• an oven-safe bowl (10-15 cm diameter)