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Gift Vouchers Information

Here are some simple steps to show you how our gift vouchers work.

1. Gift vouchers are sent electronically to the email address supplied on the date specified. 

2. Payment for the gift voucher is taken at the time of purchase and not on the date they are sent to the recipient.

3. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date they are sent to the recipient.

4. Crafty Art gift vouchers are available in values from £5 to £100

5. Gift vouchers can be cancelled by the purchaser within 1 hour of purchase and will not be valid until a confirmation is received from Crafty Arts.

6. Unwanted gift vouchers cannot be returned or used to purchase another gift voucher.

7. Gift vouchers will be allocated to the recipient’s account in the form of an e-wallet credit.

8. If the recipient does not have an online account with Crafty Arts, they will be required to create one using the email address the voucher was delivered to.  The funds from the e-wallet credit will then automatically appear in the recipient’s account.

9. If the items purchased total less than the gift voucher amount, the remaining funds will stay in the e-wallet to be used for future purchases.

10. If the items purchased exceed the gift voucher amount the remaining value must be paid in order to complete the order.

11. Items bought using gift vouchers can be returned for exchange but cannot be refunded.