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Design Journey Art Classes

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4 amazing artists

Get started with The Design Journey

If you’re a beginner or hobby artist looking to learn new drawing techniques or improve your existing art skills, then our Design Journey Art Classes are perfect for you!
Our free, online classes will take you on a journey to expand your creative skills and explore topics such as perspective drawing and working with watercolour pencils.
With over 30 weeks of classes available, you can explore 4 drawing topics guided by our experts.

Join STAEDTLER and the 4 amazing artists and start your own Design Journey

Get inspired by nature
Nature provides endless inspiration, go outside
and find it.

Learn new techniques
Expand your creative skillset by learning new
drawing techniques.

Discover your inner artist
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Design Journey!

Meet the Experts & book their Online Courses

Kalliopi Lyviaki - Drawing with Ink and Watercolours
Weekly classes start: 22nd April

Ink and watercolours going hand in hand!
Kalliopi Lyviaki is a creative mastermind and loves to let her creativity sparkle. In her course she takes you along on her adventures with inks and watercolours. Get ready to be swept away by her skills and style.

This class is now live. It's never to late to start!
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Melanie Übleis - Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques

Discover great drawing techniques with coloured pencils!

Melanie Übleis, the creative head behind the YouTube channel Visual Mind, will introduce you to the different techniques you can create using coloured pencils. Experience the fun of creating effects with watercolour pencils and learn how to best combine them with permanent-coloured pencils.

Available in June



Dan Beardshaw - Drawing in Perspective

Learn to draw in perspective!
Dan Beardshaw, a self-taught artist, popular YouTuber, and practising architect, will help you to build up some integral skills for realistic drawing, drawing in perspective and drawing textures. Dan will introduce you to one-point, two-point and three-point perspectives, and will help you create some realistic and natural textures. Although perspective drawing sometimes seems to be very complex, Dan will break the topic down for you into simple exercises to form the basis for approaching perspective drawings.

Available in August



Sine Hagestad - Drawing Animals

Pick up easy techniques for drawing animals!
Sine Hagestad is a nature lover, biology student, and creative pro who will share with you her best tips and easiest techniques for learning how to draw animals. From drawing simplified animals in cartoon style, over getting animals’ body proportions right, to a process of drawing animals in motion with confidence, Sine has got you covered This topic is the next step in building up your drawing skills while discovering fascinating facts about the animals you are drawing!

Available in October