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Lagoon David Walliams Ratburger'S Go Fish Card Game***

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  • Classic Go Fish Card Game inspired by Ratburger from David Walliams
  • Easy to play game that's perfect for the whole family
  • A fast paced game where you have to be the first to get rid of your cards
  • Features iconic illustrations by Tony Ross
  • Suitable for ages 5+


A fantastic classic card game inspired by one of David Walliams’ best-loved books. Ratburger's Go Fish Card Game makes brilliant gift for any fan of Britain’s number 1 author. This easy to play card game is perfect for all the family, To play each player is dealt 5 cards. if there are only two players, each player receives 7 cards. The remaining cards are placed in a pile between all the players. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each person takes a turn asking another player if they have a certain group of cards, for example 'do you have any nines?'. If asked for a group that the player has in his hand, the player must hand over all the cards of that group in their hand. The player who asked then gets to take another turn. If a player has no cards in the requested group, he responds "Go Fish". The player who asked then draws a card from the pile. If he happens to draw a card he was requesting, he shows the card to the group as proof and takes another turn. Players try to form sets of four-of-a-kind. When they do, the four cards are immediately placed on the table face up. Play continues until all sets have been made. The player who makes the most sets wins. This traditional card game, with a David Walliams twist and featuring the iconic illustrations by Tony Ross, encourages concentration, taking turns, good games play and is a great way to spend some quality family time together! 

Suitable for age 5 years and over.