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Customer Care Policy

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Customer Care Statement

Our Customer Care Policy is based on our belief that all of our customers have the right to be treated with respect, fluidity and efficiency. Our key, to a high level of service quality that shows we care, is a motivated, well trained, spirited workforce, skilled in the art of Customer Care, working together with a service strategy to ensure that contact with Crafty Arts employees is always perceived as a pleasant experience by our customers.


We are committed to providing an exceptional service, which gives best value for money to our customer. As part of that commitment we will continue to develop and define ways in which we can enhance and monitor the effects of our service delivery, and to ensure that the outcome of this is what our customers want and indeed expect.


It is always our intention to get things right first time, but should we get it wrong we want our customers to feel comfortable about discussing any issues that may arise, with our dedicated Customer Service Advisor's, immediately. This helps to stop any discord developing, gives us a better insight into understanding our customer's needs, and the opportunity to put things right as quickly as possible.


Building long term excellent relationships with our customers is in keeping with our `vision' to become the most recommended Art & Craft supplies within the United Kingdom. To this end, we will continually develop new training strategies, which will help us to constantly improve customer care, and keep our customers happy, satisfied and loyal.