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Customer Care Policy

Customer Care Policy


Customer Care Statement


Our Customer Care Policy is based on our belief that all of our customers have the right to be treated with respect, fluidity and efficiency. Our key, to a high level of service quality that shows we care, is a motivated, well trained, spirited workforce, skilled in the art of Customer Care, working together with a service strategy to ensure that contact with Crafty Arts employees is always perceived as a pleasant experience by our customers.


We are committed to providing an exceptional service, which gives best value for money to our customer. As part of that commitment we will continue to develop and define ways in which we can enhance and monitor the effects of our service delivery, and to ensure that the outcome of this is what our customers want and indeed expect.


It is always our intention to get things right first time, but should we get it wrong we want our customers to feel comfortable about discussing any issues that may arise, with our dedicated Customer Service Advisors, immediately. This helps to stop any discord developing, gives us a better insight into understanding our customer's needs, and the opportunity to put things right as quickly as possible.


Building long term excellent relationships with our customers is in keeping with our `vision' to become the most recommended Art & Craft supplies within the United Kingdom. To this end, we will continually develop new training strategies, which will help us to constantly improve customer care, and keep our customers happy, satisfied and loyal.

Crafty Arts Vision

At Crafty Arts we truly believe that by putting customers first and through listening to what they want we can deliver the highest possible standards of customer care.


We aim to:

- Ensure that all customers receive a high quality service

- Ensure that customers are the heart of our business

- Ensure that if issues occur, they are dealt with quickly and efficiently

-  Ensure that we are always looking forward to benefit our customers and our business


Defining our standards
Our standards are defined by our customers to ensure that we deliver the best care for them.

We aim to:
- Regularly ask customers for their opinions on our service through customer surveys
- Use these opinions to shape the service we provide

Staff commitment
Our staff are essential in delivering our services and ensuring our customers are satisfied. 

We aim to:
- Ensure our staff are sufficiently trained and competent to deliver our services
- Ensure our staff treat all customers with respect, courtesy and understanding

How we communicate
Efficient correspondence with customers is essential in keeping  customers satisfied 

We aim to:
- Listen carefully to the customer
- Be polite, honest and accurate with the information we provide
- Respond to all enquiries promptly and with courtesy
- Ensure the customer understands all information provided
- Ensure that all customers are given the best service possible
- Conduct correspondence professionally and confidentially
- Inform customers of any changes or delays in good time
- Provide alternative sources for services where we cannot help
- Keep customers informed of any subsequent stages in the process

How we deliver the standard
Setting a positive standard is important to us as a company

We aim to:
- Provide written adequate product information on our website
- Ensure that customers are aware of all of our policies listed; Cancellation, Return Policy and Returns procedures
- Provide a clear written invoice on request (as we know that customers send our products as gifts)


Measuring the standards
We want to ensure that our customer care is optimal and this will be measured by our customers. 

We aim to :
- Seek regular feedback on customer satisfaction
- Investigate all complaints thoroughly and in a timely fashion
- Use feedback and results as we are see all comments as valid and useful tools to better the business


We at Crafty Arts ensure that we take exquisite care of our all of our customers.