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Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques with Melanie Übleis

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Starts 17th July

What the class covers

This topic will show you just how much coloured pencils have to offer. Alongside pencils, coloured pencils are a basic drawing utensil. Despite being typically associated with children, this drawing medium actually offers many interesting techniques to add colour and depth to your artwork and create both simple drawings and realistic works of art. In this Design Journey Art class topic, Melanie covers various coloured pencil techniques whilst also placing particular focus on the topic of creating watercolour effects using watercolour pencils.

Over the next 7 weeks, join STAEDTLER and Melanie and start your own Design Journey

What you will learn

  • Colour theory and the colour wheel
  • Techniques for combining coloured pencils and watercolour pencils
  • Composition of simple drawings
  • Landscape drawings
  • Discovery and trying out of new mediums

About the artist

Colouring Expert Kalliopi Lyviaki

My name’s Melanie, I’m from Austria and my pronouns are they/them. I’ve been uploading art videos for over three years now and have learned so much along the way. Therefore, I want to inspire others to create something as well. I always listen to my intuition when it comes to ideas. I might be inspired by basic everyday life, by what others are doing or the shows I’m currently watching. The most important thing is that I actually use my ideas without judging them too quickly. I’ve found that everyone has a lot of ideas, it’s just a matter of actually having the guts to follow them even if they might be weird or might have been done before. I want to inspire people to create without letting their fear and self-doubt stop them. Absolutely everyone can be an artist and so can you!

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