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Product Reviews for Cast Iron Large Basket Ornate Wall Bracket

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  • Product Reviewing?Cast Iron Large Basket Ornate Wall Bracket (206668)
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Superb Classic Style Cast Iron Hanging Basket Bracket
08 Oct 2018 |

This is a superb, classic style cast iron hanging basket bracket - one of the nicest I have ever seen - bought by me to match some existing (identical) ones that I bought a few weeks ago. I will paint it with the same green Hammerite hammered effect paint that I painted the others - which look terrific hung in my patio area with hanging flower baskets. Together with some rose bushes and jasmine that I planted in my patio area, the hanging flower baskets with these lovely brackets really transform the patio area, making it a delight to have meals in good weather. This bracket style fits well with my Victorian house, but I expect that these brackets would also look good in properties of almost any era. The green Hammerite hammered effect paint I used really brings out the beauty of these brackets (as would white or cream Hammerite hammered effect paint). Although I believe these brackets can be used without painting them, to my eyes they look dull unpainted - but taste is an individual thing, and others may prefer these brackets in their natural state. Being cast iron, the brackets are relatively heavy, so long and strong screws are needed to secure them to the wall (with rawl plugs if screwing them into brick etc.). If attaching them to a wooden fence, I would recommend screwing them to a fence post, as a fence post would better take the weight of the cast iron bracket and a hanging basket of flowers, than a fence panel. As these brackets both look and feel very strong, I am expecting them to have a very long life. In the past I bought less expensive metal hanging basket brackets, which, although they looked nice enough, didn't wear well. I regard these cast iron hanging basket brackets as a good investment.