Tombow: An illustrators secret weapon

Here at Crafty Arts my weapon of choice is often a Tombow. When I teach the children Manga and Illustration I start off with Promarkers and Copic pens but then I slowly wander across to the more fluid art pens. These Tombows I treasure like no other. I have written a few blogs over the years about how they are so great for calligrapghy but I feel that this is just a tiny slice of what they can create. What you can achieve with them is endless.. Not Just a... Read More


‘Cosmic‘ light to shine in East London!

Artist Terence Ffyffe has been a close friend to Crafty Arts for many years and we are very excited that this week Terence will be presenting a brilliant series of forty exciting new ‘Cosmic’ paintings at the 5th Base Gallery, (off Brick Lane), London EC1 from 16th-18th September 2016. The Australian-born artist is known for figurative painting and this show represents a whole new departure in his work. In this exhibition entitled ‘Painting The Light’ Terence Ffyffe combines the science of Quantum Physics with mystical spirituality to create these new... Read More

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The Fun Day is Here!

I hope that you had an amazing Bank Holiday weekend.         This time last week we were prepping for our annual Family Fun Day.     This event was months in the making and Dana had everything organised down to the T. Leading up to the Saturday Fun Day it was prep prep and more prep.   For those that don’t know, this was our second annual Fun Day, which was full of Art, Craft, Demos, Cakes and a lot of laughter.         Dobby... Read More

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Summer Funday 27th August 2016

So Last Year we held our first Summer Funday, we had stalls, demonstrators, face-painting, cupcakes, sunshine and most importantly we had you, our customers!     We are doing it all and more again this year on Saturday 27th August. As it is our 25th birthday this year we are having the Deputy Mayor present us with a special Birthday Plaque which will be lovely! For everyone who had their faces painted by the wonderful Dobby – she is coming back! We asked for her early this year because her... Read More

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Manga: Getting Started

In September I will be teaching the kids Manga illustration, so my homework at the moment is lots watching a ton of Manga!   Currently I am watching “Attack on Titan” and “Cowboy Bebop”, both great series that really show the variety of styles and differing approaches in story telling!       So, with this in mind I thought that a “getting started” list would be helpful, this is a list for any budding manga artist or anyone who wants to start drawing.            ... Read More


Summer Holiday Tips

It’s the summer holidays and the weather so far looks like it’s going to hold out for a few more weeks.                                 (Image Source)   I remember the excitement of the holidays and the plans that we made when we were children. But are we drew closer to the August. We got bored, we didn’t admit it because that would mean that our mum would give us something to keep us busy, like homework or... Read More

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The Art of Zentangle

  I am not a fan of colouring in! I know, sacrilege, especially with the still huge trend at the moment, now that doesn’t mean that I can’t admire the beautiful illustrations of Millie Marotta or Sarah Taylors clever designs but ask me to colour them in and I fill up with tension. I get frustrated with the restrictions of colouring in between the lines, then I think about what colours I should use it’s all too much for me. I think the artist in me rebels against such restrictions because I am... Read More


Great Gift ideas for your Dad on Father’s Day for 2016

Father’s Day is just around the corner.         A lovely time to celebrate the men in our lives who have done so much for us. Some of them are close enough that we can visit them and spend time with us whilst others are far away. Here are a few ideas for the close and the far. If you fancy making your own card for them to make it a bit more personal than our section on card making is brimming full of ideas. Whether you want... Read More


Introducing Tutor Toni Peers who will be teaching us on the Art of Silver Clay

 “Everyone needs to be encouraged to find their own creative outlet, apart from the personal satisfaction; I think it is a great way to achieve mental well-being.”   Toni Peers is here in May to teach us the art of Silver Clay as it is our 25th Birthday we thought that it we be great to do a real silver workshop. Since I have joined Crafty Arts I have been desperate to run a Silver Clay class. I was lucky enough to come across Toni and her workshops and asked... Read More


Starting a new craft: Watercolours

Watercolour is a great art form. It is portable, doesn’t take up too much space and is very fluid. Unfortunately it is also unforgiving, when a mistake is made it is generally tricky to fix. But I find that keeping all my old pages, letting them dry means I can reuse them for something else. Mistakes teach you how not to do something but also they can be wonderful. With watercolour you have to think from light to dark. Light transparent washes layer up add great depth to your paintings.... Read More


International Women’s Day in Havering

A few weeks ago it was International Women’s Day and we were given the opportunity to have a stall and run a Free workshop throughout the day at a local event.   We had the opportunity to give some workshop prizes for the raffle and we look forward to having the guest join us on their allotted days.   On the day we had the Community Choir performing and the local Art Workshop showing their Art skills. The Handz on Training team were completing massages and the Tapestry Health Champions... Read More


For the Love of Books!

I love nothing more than a good book, my taste in books is vast and I love escaping into any world the author wants to create for me. I like to set up my Sunday morning reading, I need a few things to make reading an experience:  A large cup of tea in my Cath Kidtson cockerel mug, eiderdown, my cat curled up on my lap and some snacks so can literally stay there for hours. Heaven, just thinking about it makes me want to go and read now. I... Read More


Looking back on 2015 …….

2015 was a great year for Crafty Arts and the Be Creative Daily blog and what a year it was!   Here is a short flash back of our accomplishments and exciting projects.   The year was full of Workshops, Classes and a Fun day at Our Creative Hub. As well as How to’s and #ChallengeDana.       Not to mention our 12 days of Crafts in the Month of December.     We are very excited as this year we will be adding more How to projects. As... Read More


On the 6th Day of Christmas: Workshop Recommendation for the New Year

DAY 6 Today is workshop day! For those that do not know where we are situated, we are nice and close to the M25, so why not check out some of our classes.   We have classes and workshops throughout the week and on a Saturday. Along with Art Night on a Thursday Night, which is our Art and Wine Night. Yes I did say wine night 🙂 For more info click here       With Hotels and Caterers doubling their prices as soon as they hear the word... Read More

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Crafty Arts Summer Fun Day Highlights in Romford

Even though our Summer Fun day was a few weeks ago it was a lovely distant memory. As the marquee was being set up and the tables being put out, we were willing the sun to come out and the clouds to go away. The demonstrators and stall owners began to set up and the sun began to move over Romford. We had demonstrators from Our very own knit and natter ladies (which also includes Crochet with Maggie), Christine from Crafters Companion, Emma from Fimo, Dobby from Snazaroo and Caroline... Read More


Crafty Arts Summer Workshops at the Creative Hub in Romford

The summer workshops so far…… It may have been tearing down with rain as I look out of my window, but I still have a smile on my face. This summer we introduced the kids Summer workshops and it has been fantastic! We have had full classes and what they have produced is something to be feel really good about! I can officially say that this summer by far has been my favourite at Crafty Arts. The dream of hosting workshops and classes are finally coming to light. Here are... Read More

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An introduction to Marianna our Print Making Tutor

Born in Mexico City and based in London since 2004, Mariana Cutino Moguel has worked mainly in user- focused graphic design. After doing an MA in Industrial Design in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, she has worked mainly in Visual Merchandising and Display for retail while also lecturing and tutoring in different universities such as Central Saint Martins, Anglia Ruskin University and Royal College of Arts.     Nowadays, Mariana works as a freelancer in graphic, editorial and digital design for companies such as Grazia Magazine and... Read More

Feature Images_ArtMaskingFluid 21/07/2015
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How to use Art Masking Fluid

This is an easy introduction to what Art Masking fluid is, what it is used for and more importantly how to use it.       What is Masking Fluid? Art masking fluid is a pigmented liquid composed of rubber latex and pigment, for masking areas of work needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes.   What are the different types of Masking Fluid? There are two types: Art Masking Fluid and Colourless Art Masking Fluid.   What is it used for? Art masking fluid is used when... Read More

Be Creative 24/04/2015
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The Benefits of Being Creative

Recently I keep seeing articles of the benefits of taking up a craft, so I decided to look into this a bit further.     It’s funny, when you generally think about the word “creative”, what comes to mind is Art & Crafts. So it was interesting watching the video on the CNN link as it looks at  different types of ways you can be creative ie Building Gadgets. Opening creativity to everyone!   A shocking statistic that I found in the Daily Mail stated that being a creative person... Read More

Black Friday 2014 28/11/2014
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Crafty Arts’ – Black Friday Weekend Event

Every year Black Friday gets bigger and better and this weekend will not disappoint. With discounts of up to 85% in store and online! This is a great opportunity to grab get some Christmas deals, or even some cheeky goodies for yourself. All offers end Monday 1st December Click Here to check them out.   Happy Shopping!