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Crafting for Christmas: Getting Organised for Christmas the crafty way

I know,  you may think it is far too soon to think about Christmas crafting. But now is the time that crafters start planning the rest of the year. If you sell your wares then you need to start making now so your stock is ready for end of September. The idea of thick jumpers and hot drinks offers me no comfort during this heatwave. Imagining all the snow and rain paints a big grin on my face. After the terribly long drawn out winter we have had this year, you... Read More

how to read crochet patterns 06/09/2018

How to Read Crochet Patterns: Step by Step Basics

Ever tried reading crochet patterns? It can feel like trying to read something in a foreign language for any newcomer to the hobby. But don’t let this deter you from pursuing this incredible craft; all you need is a little guidance on how to read crochet patterns and you’ll be completely fluent in all crochet-lingo in no time at all. Here’s a basic guide to the most important things you need to know about reading crochet patterns, starting from the very beginning: Step 1: Choosing the right crochet pattern Most... Read More


Getting Organised for Back to School: Bullet Journaling for Parents

We are now in August and it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. I am going to talk about getting organised for back to school, a guide to Bullet journaling for parents. Lots of parents are probably ready for them to start their new term. The little ones probably want it to go on forever. To some of you,  feel like it already has gone on for too long.   Organisation is not just for them but for you too. We know that you are the... Read More


Customer Review of the new DAS Smart Polymer Clay

Our reviewer’s were asked to test the DAS Smart polymer clay and see if they were able to succeed in creating as detailed work compared to their current polymer clay choice. As a quick recap or reintroduction to the DAS Smart. DAS Smart comings from the number one air drying clay brand in the world. The blocks comes in two sizes, the small blocks come in 57g packs and the larger block comes in 350g which are packed in 6 pre-cut portions Reviewer: Lilyana   Lilyana created a beautiful selection... Read More


5 DIY Back to School Crafts Projects to Try with the Kids

School’s out for summer, hooray! Six weeks of fun, sun and playtime are stretching ahead, and it’s time to start planning what you and the kids are going to fill all these free hours with. And while we know that school will be far from the kids’ minds right now, it couldn’t hurt to make use of all this spare time and get them crafting their very own DIY back to school supplies. Getting the kids to make their own DIY back to school accessories is the perfect way to... Read More


How to Cool off from the heat during the Summer with Crafty Arts

Here are some great steps of how to cool off from the heat the summer. We are in a heatwave and we are all dreaming of cooling down. So here at Crafty Arts, we thought we would share with you some ideas on how to cool off this during glorious summer. Let’s just start with the most practical one and that is, drink lots of water and stay hydrated at all times. Fainting is common during a heatwave so the shade is your friend! We should not be going any... Read More


How to Make a Portfolio for your Art & Design University Place: Tips From the Tutors

  Got your sights set on a university degree in art or graphic design? First you have to impress the tutors by blowing their socks off with a demonstration of your incredible creative skills at a placement interview. It’s not as scary as it sounds, though, and we’ve got tips on how to make a portfolio from one of the very people you need to impress. Joanne Greenhalgh is a Graphic Design Lecturer (and employability champion) at the University of Salford, and she knows a thing or two about what... Read More

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Why Should you Book your Kids Parties at Crafty Arts?

Did you know that we host a kids parties at Crafty Arts, we run a series of different creative birthday parties? We can create whatever your child desires from jungles to magical places. We set up the room depending on your chosen theme and the room is yours for two hours. The tutor will be with you for 1.5hrs and then you have half an hour to eat. I generally set up all the rooms as well as host a fair few of the parties but sometimes other tutors come in... Read More


Customer Review Time: Modelling with the new DAS Smart

We are currently running a promotion where we want you to review the new Das Smart Polymer Clay on our behalf.     DAS is the number one air drying clay brand in the world. With this fact and furthermore their competitive pricing, DAS smart believes that it can hold it’s own amongst the well-known polymer clay brands like FIMO and Sculpey. It is ideal for making murine, creating jewels and small artifacts.   Two Sizes Available The small blocks come in 57g packs and are packed cleverly in an... Read More

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How to Make Your Own Fairy House using Fimo Polymer Clay

Here I show you step by step instructions on making a fairy house using Fimo that can live outside in your garden. We are running this workshop in the summer so if you would like some guidance then please come and join in or just have a try at home! The truth is it was so simple and could have been even simpler if I didn’t blend all my own colours. This is definitely a lovely afternoon activity and you can easily get the kids involved. This is the absolute... Read More


Cupcake Day Alzheimer’s awareness: United Against Dementia

Did you know that dementia is the biggest killer in the UK? We are supporting them to help raise awareness. Alzheimer’s Research UK has called for urgent action to be taken following the news reports recently and their aim is to double the dementia research funding over the next five years. This is something we are passionate about at Crafty Arts. On the 14th of June Alzheimer’s Society is raising awareness in the form of Cupcake Day and we want you to help! “Dementia may be the biggest killer in... Read More


How To Paint Animals: Painting By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Painting animals is about capturing life. Inquisitive eyes, glossy fur, swishing tails; it can all be captured beautifully in paint if you know how, especially with a little numerical help. If you’re struggling to learn how to paint animals then painting by numbers is the friend you never knew you had, and we’re here to help you get started.Let’s start by first dispelling three common myths about painting by numbers: It’s for kids – Absolutely not. Painting by numbers kits do exist for kids, but there’s a huge range of... Read More


The Humble DIY Thank You Card for dad on Father’s Day

Sending or giving a card on Father’s Day will light up their face with a smile. A day to appreciate the main man in your life, your dad, daddy, step dad, uncle, father, pop, pappy, papa, grandad, grandfather. So, this is a thank you to our fathers in whatever form they come in, all wrapped up in a humble thank you card. My Traditions Father’s Day to me gives me flash backs to my childhood. It is me and my siblings making a terrible breakfast of cold burnt toast and... Read More


Creative Tutors Wanted at the Creative Hub: Hello, Is it You we’re looking for?

We are currently looking for tutors to help us increase our Crafty Arts family at our Creative Hub. This is a flexible role and will be perfect for someone looking for a part time creative position. Here at Crafty Arts Creative Hub we already run workshops for Adults and children. These include adult arts and craft lessons. Our ever-expanding children’s classes are teaching home education art lessons, after school clubs, craft clubs, parties and workshops. We need you to help run these groups and hopefully add others to it. We... Read More


I ordered Letraset ProMarker pens but have been sent Winsor and Newton: What’s The Difference?

What happens when you order one thing, like the Letraset ProMarker pens but you get sent Winsor and Newton ProMarkers instead? Don’t worry, you have been sent the correct pens. Winsor and Newton have bought Letraset, so they are now one and the same. ProMarker pens are now branded with the Winsor and Newton name, but ProMarker’s unparalleled quality, 148 colour-range and colour-coding system will all stay the same. Illustrators, artists, card makers and beginners all love ProMarker for their bend ability. Image Source: Winsor and Newton      ... Read More


Painting on wood: Primer, Sealer or do I use both?

Oil, acrylic and mixed media paints can all be painted onto wood. But you must make sure you prepare your surface before you begin. Preparation does take a bit of patience but if you don’t prepare the oils and acids of your paint can seep into the wood and destroy it.   Preparing to paint on wood   I started to look into painting on wood because we are running a Pebeo workshop.  This time we are painting/ filling, wooden trays with an oil based paint. The whole tray needs to... Read More


How to make your own DIY SLIME: The Craze That Keeps on Oozing

Slime is a craze that is clearly not going away, so here are some steps of how to make your own slime. Last year we sold out of PVA glue twice and all because of slime. So we thought we would offer up a simple recipe  of how to make your own slime that doesn’t include borax powders. Borax is hard to buy over here because it can be harmful to your little ones so please don’t use recipes that include borax powders.   Slime   So last year we... Read More


Enjoying the Spring, the Light and the artist Vincent Van Gogh

Today we going to talk about Spring, the Light and the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Spring is always a long-awaited season. Especially in this country when our dark winters last right up until the summer. We are grateful for every patch of sunlight. Every day it doesn’t rain or isn’t blustery and cold. We look forward to the mornings when we can wake up and spring light pours through our windows. When work finishes and we are greeted by a warm sun in the sky rather than pitch black of night.... Read More


4 Easy DIY Garden Party Decorations To Make This Summer

Great garden party decorations have the power to transform your outdoor space into an utterly enchanting party grotto. Once you’ve picked a theme you can adorn every tree, table and fence post with bright, exciting decorations to create a welcoming summer paradise for you and your guests to enjoy. On a bit of a budget? No problem; DIY garden party decorations are the answer you’ve been looking for. Using just a few basic items you can create gorgeous garden adornments in no time. Here’s a few of our favourite DIY... Read More


How to make Dual Glitter Carrots for Easter using Fimo polymer clay

Fimo is a great crafting medium especially for creating hanging Easter decorations as it is easy to shape. Cooks and hardens in no time but best of all you can use them time and time again. Difficulty: Easy – Medium just due to how fiddly it can be Time: I made two in 15 minutes FIMO: Orange (Mandarine 42) green (apple 50) Glitter gold (112) String Paperclips Blade or cutting tool A clean surface to work on     Wash your hands and clean the surface you will be working... Read More