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Fimo Professional Promo 09/07/2014

Reviewing the new Fimo Professional polymer clay – Part 2

A few weeks ago we offered a few of you the opportunity to review the FIMO Professional True Colours, which is part of Staedtler’s new range of polymer clay. As promised here it is… We asked you to send us an image of your polymer clay creation to have a chance to be picked to review the FIMO Professional True Colours.  As a quick recap, True Colours contains a True colour pigment which comes in handy especially when you are blending.   Our reviewers were put to the challenge and... Read More

Fimo Professional Promo 18/06/2014
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Introducing the New FIMO Professional range, find out what is the difference between Fimo Classic and Fimo Professional

Introducing the new Fimo Professional We are running a FIMO Promotion at the end of the click here   Staedtler have been building on decades of experience by developing quality polymer modelling clay. Staedtler FIMO have formulated a new and enhanced oven hardening clay designed to target the specific and very precise needs of expert users. Staedtler believes that the modern redesign of the packaging and new improved formula reflects the high demands made on the product by artists. They have even finally launched professional FIMO tools to go with... Read More

Fathers Day 12/06/2014
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Be Creative for Father’s Day with some great card and gift ideas

It’s Fathers day this Sunday and for some reason out of both of the parents I always find Father’s the hardest to get gifts for. In case you are of the same mindset, I thought that I would give you a few ideas of Father’s day gifts from Pinterest and a few of our own creations.     Number 1 – Superhero Printables     If you are not very creative, don’t worry here are some great Father’s Day printables, especially if your dad is a secret superhero. I found this... Read More

Daddy's Sweet Ale Glass 11/06/2014

Daddy’s Sweet Ale Glass – The Quickest DIY Gift Ever

Here is another great idea, it’s easy and super fast.  It is such a quick gift that can be made in minutes. If your dad loves beer and sweets this is a nice take on them both. Large Glass ie. Pint Glass or mason Glass Werthers Original’s for the ale Marshmallows for the froth Cling Flim (You only need a little to cover the top) Yes that is all you need!   I used a Mason Glass, as that is the largest glass that I had at home Pack the... Read More

M&M's Bow Tie Card 11/06/2014

Do It Yourself M&M’s Bow Tie Card for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is looming!  Thinking of fun cards that you can make with the kids? Well this is one of them, I came a cross a picture of a card that said “Happy Father’s Day” and on it was M&M’s. My dad lovvvvves M&M’s so I decided to use him as inspiration. With this design, you can do so many variations to this card; I decided to draw a suit with a bow tie.   3 sheets of different coloured card, I used Craft Planet’s Bright Pack of 6 –... Read More

Big Move 02/06/2014

Big News at

WOW!!! What a month May 2014 has been for us! I  have been a bit quiet on the entry front. But I have a very good reason for this. They say that the three most stressful events in life are moving home, death and divorce. I can honestly say that it has not been that dramatic, but in many cases it has been life changing for all at Crafty Arts. Crafty Arts has been on a huge journey especially over the past 6 years . This has been bitter sweet... Read More

The London Coffee Festival 2014 30/04/2014

Crafty Arts visits The London Coffee Festival

It was National Coffee week  3rd – 6th April 2014 and on 4th April we made our way to the London Coffee Festival on Brick Lane and what an experience it was. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was that there would be an awful lot of coffee there. As we got to Brick Lane, we had no doubt that we were in the right place. It was at the famous Old Truman Brewery, which by itself was a fantastic building as it consisted... Read More

National Stationery Week 31/03/2014
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National Stationery week

Its National Stationery week! The aim is to get Britain writing again, celebrate putting pen to paper and all things stationery. Whether it is writing, doodling or even artist illustrations, this is all part of the stationery banner in our book. Not to mention the fact that you can never have too much stationery 🙂   The National Stationery Team are running lots of promo and competitions throughout this week. Click Here to view The Stationary Week website.   The main competition that they are running is a grand Prize... Read More

Mothers Day 29/03/2014

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day also known as Mothering Sunday is a great opportunity to show your mummy just how much you appreciate her. It’s the day where we honour Mothers, Motherhood and the women in our community that has made an impact in our lives.   Here are a few quotes that I have found that represent the true meaning of Motherhood.   So….. Happy Mothers Day to all!

Unwins Windowsill Herb Kit 12/03/2014

Tip of the Month: Get Gardening

The weather is starting to perk up and Mr Sun is beginning to put his hat on. Because the sun is out, it is more appealing to get out in the garden and get planting. Today, Dave who is one of our warehouse Picker\Packers is giving you some top tips that he has learnt over the years as a passionate gardener. Dave has a wealth of knowledge for gardening, so I thought that it would be a good idea to pick his brain. Q: Natasha: Dave what do you enjoy... Read More

Craft Hobby & Stitch International 26/02/2014

Craft Hobby & Stitch International

Last week, we had the great opportunity to go to Craft Hobby & Stitch International also known as Stitches. This has officially now become my favourite trade fair this year and to be honest it will be very hard to beat it. This event was hailed as “Europe’s largest show for the creative industries” and this year was its 39th birthday. Everything craft related was there, art, craft, needlecraft you name it, and it was there. At the front entrance, there were four large stands displaying some products on a... Read More

Message on a Banana 11/02/2014

Valentine’s Day Preparation

Valentines Day is approach this Friday… Are you stuck on ideas of what to get that special person in your life? Well, here are some great DIY gift ideas that you can make on a budget. For Him Message on a Banana Found on TIP: Why not pick a cute or humorous phrase and pop in his lunch box using a OHP pen to write on the banana skin   For Her Chocolate Bouquet – What girl doesn’t like chocolate? Found on TIP: This idea was from the... Read More

London Toy Fair 2014 23/01/2014

London Toy Fair 2014

Yesterday was a very busy day for us attending the London Toy Fair 2014. We were zooming around the aisles, trying to find great products to sell on our website for you.   What is the London Toy Fair? This is a three day event for retailers to have a look at new and exciting products for the year ahead.  We had a great time and were able to meet some new potential suppliers and had a good catch up with our current suppliers. It was interesting looking at what... Read More

Getting Organised 2014 10/01/2014

Tip of the Month: Getting organised for 2014

We are now in 2014 and January is the month of New Year’s resolutions and decluttering. Over the next few months I intend to declutter my life, starting with my desk at work and then move on to the rest. With the help of pinterest here are a few helpful ideas that I found along the way; Sticky Note List I found this on You can download the template and create your own version.    Wipeable Calendar I really liked the idea of this calendar as it is very... Read More

Tension Board Game 17/12/2013

1 Week Count Down til Christmas: Reviewing Tension Master Edition

With 1 week to go before Christmas we thought that we would  review and show you an unboxing the Tension Master Edition Game. Imagine your stomach is full from the Christmas dinner, you are all TV-ed out. There’s only one thing left to do, of course it is to play a board game time!   Tension Master Edition Now: £19.99 WAS: 21.99 Full Contents Breakdown: Tension Game Card Playing Board Playing Counters Check pad Pencils Sand Timer Rules   Opening the box the first thing that you see are the... Read More

Completed Postage Stamp Gift Tag 14/12/2013

D.I.Y Christmas Postage Stamp Gift Tags

Here are some easy steps on how to make your very own D.I.Y Christmas Gift Tags that look like postage stamps.   I hate throwing cards away, so why not create something homemade and recycled at the same time.   I just think that the person who has sent you the card took the time to do it. So as you can imagine I have a fair few cards; Christmas, Birthdays, you name it I have it. This is a great way to recycle your cards, rather than putting them... Read More

Lego Friends Statioanry 10/12/2013

2 Week Count Down til Christmas: Reviewing Lego Friends Stationery Set

With 2 weeks to go before Christmas we thought that we would review and show you the unboxing of the Lego Friends Stationery Set.   Everyone loves a bit of Stationery and Lego has introduced their Lego Friends Range. Within the range of Lego products they have branched out to Stationery accessories. This also means that there is only 1 week of shopping using our standard delivery service. Click here for more information on our Standard and Express delivery. So let’s have a look in the box: Lego Friends Stationery Set... Read More

London Sequin Art Style 04/12/2013

3 Week Count Down til Christmas: Reviewing London Sequin Art Style

With 3 weeks to go before Christmas the London Sequin Art Style is a great product to unbox and review. It’s a bright a vibrant gift for your loved ones, where you can give with the finished product or the box as a gift.   Over the years we have found just like Paint by Numbers, that Sequin Art is a close second to it’s rival. Customers  love the different designs that come out annually as well as the classics.     London Sequin Art Style Now: £17.99 RRP £22.79 Save up... Read More

Black Friday 29/11/2013

Black Friday

Britain’s ‘Black Friday’ bargains! UK stores across the country are copying American stores by slashing online prices by up to 70% today. So we thought we would give it a go! Yes, it’s hype, but we’ve have some great cut-price Christmas deals! Ends December 1st. Happy Shopping!  

Derwent Academy Box 26/11/2013

4 Week Count Down til Christmas: Reviewing Derwent Academy Wooden Art Box

The Derwent Academy Wooden Art Box is the first product that we will be reviewing and unboxing. I don’t know about you but I can’t believe just how fast it has come around. So every week leading up to Christmas, we will be doing a box opening. Showing you what the product really looks like when opened, the full contents and customer reviews.   The Derwent Academy Wooden Box Art Set Now: £16.99  Was: £34.50   Save up to: 51% Full Contents Breakdown: 6x Sketching Pencils 12x Colour Pencils 12x... Read More