Engaged at Christmas/ New Year: 2019 Wedding Trends

Engaged at Christmas / New Year, how exciting! Now breath! Take some time to enjoy this. Take as much time you like to tell your friends and family. Do it in person or over the phone but then just take some time for yourself. Time is going to fly (8 months and counting ahhh). You can check your secret Pinterest board for ideas that you like and talk to your partner about the budget, what time of year and what themes if any you are having. Will it be a... Read More

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How to use the Cricut Machine: Setting it up and preparing your first cut

Today, I am going to show you how I got started with my new Cricut machine. Hopefully, I am going to talk you through the set-up and my first cut. The machine comes with a few pieces of card, a pen blade and a green mat. I did have to buy a few extra accessories, to begin with. I bought the Vinyl sampler pack because the colours are great and it’s a cheap way to practice with the vinyl. I bought the basic toolset as this doesn’t come with the... Read More


Wedding Calligraphy: Money in Your Pocket if you Do-It-Yourself

I love calligraphy and I think there is no better place then a wedding to showcase these skills. Wedding calligraphy is continuing to have a resurgence in the wedding world. Yes, you can pay someone to do it for you. Because it so time-consuming and by hand, you will and should pay them a lot. Or you can have the satisfaction and money in your pocket if you do it yourself. I am definitely a DIY Bride. Pinterest is littered with cream thick watercolour card adorned with swirly gold lettering.... Read More


Wedding Invites Part 1- Inspiration and How to plan

So currently we are working on our invites, it is all very exciting. Here is a guide of how to plan wedding your invites. It has been so fun designing them but making them that is a different story. My invites are fairly complicated, 3D with assembly parts and bits that go inside. We have an entire year to make them so they can be as flamboyant as we like. They will probably cost us a fortune in time but not so much in materials. This is the beauty of being... Read More


How to create your very own D.I.Y Letter Signage in 4 different ways

How to make your own Letter Sign     Here is a short How to Video   One of the biggest trends on Pinterest and the crafting websites is signs and lettering. Now you can buy these premade at sometimes extortionate rate or can be a bit crafty and thrifty and Do It Yourself. Now all of these are pretty easy and you should be able to make yours in just one sitting. I have a real love for fonts and lettering, especially mine and HTB’s (Husband To Be) initials,... Read More


How to Make your Own Save The Date Cards

Want to make your own save the date cards? Opting for DIY save the dates is a great way to save money, so we salute you! Not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Read on for some first-hand advice on everything from choosing a theme to the practicalities of DIY save the dates. How to choose your wedding theme: Save the Dates Save the dates are fairly new to the wedding industry but every wedding I have been to in the past few years has been pre-invited to... Read More


5 Easy DIY Wedding Decorations That’ll Save You Money

Wedding on a budget? No problem! DIY wedding decorations are the ultimate money-saving tactic without compromise. With a few simple materials and a spare weekend or two you can produce stunning wedding decorations that will wow your guests and earn you more than a few ‘smug points’ along the way. We’ve got five ideas for easy peasy DIY wedding decorations for you to try, plus plenty of fantastic materials to help you make them. Let’s get cracking, shall we? Framed Glass Glamour Image source:   How beautiful is this?... Read More


The Perfect DIY Wedding Planning Advice for Crafty Brides

Planning is vital when it comes to weddings and I would definitely class myself as a DIY Crafty bride. Not sure where to start planning your DIY wedding? I talked to a lot of people about weddings. Our families are great and are not expecting us to invite cousins and their friends. That we have little or no relationship with etc. Over the years I have heard horror stories of parental pressure to invite people you barely know. I am going to say it again, this is your day. If they... Read More