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Top 10 of 10 Acrylic Sets

Here I share our top 10 of acrylic sets Watercolour may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Technically it can be tricky very tricky and you have to learn a lot before you can create masterpieces unless you like abstract or mixed media. Acrylic, on the other hand, is a wonderful rich medium that you can create a painting and if you make a mistake, let it dry and fix it.  Acrylic is very forgiving when other mediums are not. 1 Liquitex 48 set If you like to have lots of choices then... Read More

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Top 10 Of 10 Watercolour Recommendations: For Gifts or just for you

If you are stuck looking for art presents or want to add to your art collection here we go through our Top 10 Of 10 in watercolour. All the products you can use together or on there own. Watercolour doesn’t have to be limited to tubes of paint. You have half pans, pencils, pens, inks and blocks.   1. Winsor and Newton 24 Half Pan I love this set so much I have two of them. It has all the colours you need and you can travel with it easily. When... Read More

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How to use the Cricut Machine: Setting it up and preparing your first cut

Today, I am going to show you how I got started with my new Cricut machine. Hopefully, I am going to talk you through the set-up and my first cut. The machine comes with a few pieces of card, a pen blade and a green mat. I did have to buy a few extra accessories, to begin with. I bought the Vinyl sampler pack because the colours are great and it’s a cheap way to practice with the vinyl. I bought the basic toolset as this doesn’t come with the... Read More

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Product Review: How to make your own Bath Bombs

  I have always wondered how to make your own bath bomb. Using a kit I thought I would show you how successful and easy they are to make. As a mum of two very active boys, I don’t get a lot of time to myself. Having a bath is the only bit of relaxing I can do. Sweet smelling relaxing therapy that I all enjoy at home. Lets face it we all have hectic lives at times. Bath bombs were first brought to my attention around 2 years ago whilst... Read More


Customer Review of the new DAS Smart Polymer Clay

Our reviewer’s were asked to test the DAS Smart polymer clay and see if they were able to succeed in creating as detailed work compared to their current polymer clay choice. As a quick recap or reintroduction to the DAS Smart. DAS Smart comings from the number one air drying clay brand in the world. The blocks comes in two sizes, the small blocks come in 57g packs and the larger block comes in 350g which are packed in 6 pre-cut portions Reviewer: Lilyana   Lilyana created a beautiful selection... Read More


Customer Review Time: Modelling with the new DAS Smart

We are currently running a promotion where we want you to review the new Das Smart Polymer Clay on our behalf.     DAS is the number one air drying clay brand in the world. With this fact and furthermore their competitive pricing, DAS smart believes that it can hold it’s own amongst the well-known polymer clay brands like FIMO and Sculpey. It is ideal for making murine, creating jewels and small artifacts.   Two Sizes Available The small blocks come in 57g packs and are packed cleverly in an... Read More


I ordered Letraset ProMarker pens but have been sent Winsor and Newton: What’s The Difference?

What happens when you order one thing, like the Letraset ProMarker pens but you get sent Winsor and Newton ProMarkers instead? Don’t worry, you have been sent the correct pens. Winsor and Newton have bought Letraset, so they are now one and the same. ProMarker pens are now branded with the Winsor and Newton name, but ProMarker’s unparalleled quality, 148 colour-range and colour-coding system will all stay the same. Illustrators, artists, card makers and beginners all love ProMarker for their bend ability. Image Source: Winsor and Newton      ... Read More

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How To Make Your Own Candles

I absolutely love candles, I have them all around my house, on the windowsills, in the bathroom, in my bedroom and a food smell neutralising one in my kitchen. There is just something about burning scented candles that relaxes me and calms me down after a long day at work and with the kids. I also just love the way they make my front room look in the evenings when it’s time to chill with no other light on just me, my partner, my candles and a good book. So... Read More


Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas? Here is this year’s Staff Picks for 2017

It can be so hard finding gift ideas for Christmas.  Here are a selection of potential gift ideas for your friends and family. Here at Crafty Arts we are always working hard to bring you new and exciting products, so here our team are going to talk about their favourite products. Hopefully to inspire you in your Christmas shopping this year. We are a mix of personalities from crafters, artists, stationary lovers and all those in between. Image Source: Unslash @MarkusSpiske     Caran D’ache Pencil Sharpener I asked Jon... Read More


Don’t be a Donkey is a new card game to play at Christmas

Don’t be a Donkey is a new card game to play at Christmas. This is a fast paced game for the family. It’s a carrot grabbing swapping game that will keep you on your toes.   Last week on ITV’s “How to Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield”. Don’t be a Donkey was rated as one of the top children’s games to play at Christmas. It’s a game not just to played by the children, but one for the adults to join in too.   Image Source: The Sun... Read More

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Adult Messy Play: Playing with Derwent Graphik Paint Liners

The Line Painter is a permanent water-based, solvent-free pigment ink or paint and has a 0.5mm nib. It is available in 20 different colours, including a range of greys, black, silver and most importantly white! They can be purchased as individual pens in sets of five colours or in a box containing all 20 colours. You can use them with the Derwent’s free-flowing water brush which has a water reservoir that is ideal for carrying with you along with the markers. I have a lot of pigment liners and I... Read More

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Brush Lettering for beginners with Tombow Pens

  Last week we ran a deal of the week for Towbow ABT Pens as it’s new to our product line. I have always wanted to learn how to brush letter, once written it really stands out and looks amazing. There are so many types of fonts that you can create. Also, there are so many types of fonts that you can create. It’s all about learning the basics and then finding your flow.               A brush pen is not like your typical marker pen.... Read More


Do people still wax seal today?

Image from Cambridge University Archives     “The use of the seal dates back to the Old Testament, when the wax from a lit candle was dripped onto the flap closing the document and that was stamped with an inscribed stem, known as a seal. The unbroken seal of a nobleman conferred authenticity. State papers from the ninth century carried the first great seal of England, made for Edward the Confessor and the great seal of the sovereign was held in the custody of the Lord Chancellor. It’s use was... Read More

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Meet Jonny our new Product Reviewer

  We are very excited to be introducing you to Jonny ….. Our new Product reviewer!       My background and passion has always been Art. I was awarded an art scholarship to study fine art aged just 10yrs to the Royal School King Edwards, and after university I slowly worked towards my dream of becoming a full-time artist.   3 years ago I launched my business JR Portraits and lately I have found art education to be my next big venture, I enjoy teaching art regularly in schools... Read More


Picking the Perfect Children’s Watercolour Products

When most people think of watercolours they think of traditional countryside backgrounds, a beautiful city backdrop or a flower…….. but this is not all they are for!   Watercolours are an ideal medium for experimenting with different surface styles and subjects. One of the main focuses with watercolour is what you are painting on – watercolours by their very nature are transparent to allow the surface of your work to show – and this can be on anything from paper and card to canvas and fabric. They are not just... Read More

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On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. Four Colly Birds

        I always thought this song was about 4 Calling birds. Colly birds were called that because they were black as coal.         I thought I would go through some product matching for you. Caran D’ach are a Superior Pencil manufacturer, there are not many who come close. I always think of the Snowman when I think of them because that was the pencils that were used. Faber Castel pencils are also great but when I was choosing I tried both and although I... Read More

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On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. Two turtle Doves & some Spectrum Noir Sparkle

        I like glitter but it has a time and place and although Christmas is definitely it. I didn’t think I would love them as much as I do. Brush pens to me have to be smooth and easy to use with a good bristle, so I couldn’t see how it was going to be glittery.       I quickly drew out a sketch of two turtle doves who happen to be in perfect colours for the Spectrum Noir glitter brush pens.   I sketched them... Read More

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Paint by Numbers Great Ideas Christmas

It’s beginning to feel more Christmassy as each day passes by. As the nights are getting darker and quicker and the cold is being to set in.     The Christmas lights went up in Oxford Street on 6th November. We even have a mini ice rink in our local town centre. Soon wreaths will be adorning doors all over Britain and twinkly lights covering the houses. I have picked out my 3 favourite Christmas Paint by Numbers so here it goes.     Dana is off to a Christmas Markets... Read More

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The Fun Day is Here!

I hope that you had an amazing Bank Holiday weekend.         This time last week we were prepping for our annual Family Fun Day.     This event was months in the making and Dana had everything organised down to the T. Leading up to the Saturday Fun Day it was prep prep and more prep.   For those that don’t know, this was our second annual Fun Day, which was full of Art, Craft, Demos, Cakes and a lot of laughter.         Dobby... Read More

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The Golden Oldie that is Painting By Numbers

Hello…. it’s Ellie here!       Over the years I have gained a very loyal customer base when it comes to Paint by Numbers, I have regular customers who ring me up to do their order and sometimes to even make requests too! The beauty of paint by numbers is the image is there for you, so if you are not a great drawer it doesn’t mean you can’t paint a masterpiece! The beauty of paint by numbers is the image is there for you, so if you are... Read More