You can paint on anything with this one pen!

Back in April we visited the London Stationery Show for the first time at the Business Design Centre, I had never been to this venue before and it was great as it was in the bustling area of Islington in London.     We had a great time, sitting in the sessions and browsing new lines. We came across our friends at Uni Ball to have a look at their amazing wall design design by Damilola Odusote.     If you have never come across his art work. Now is... Read More


Celebrating 26 Years in Business

Another year has past and we are another year older. It literally feels like yesterday that we were celebrating our 25th birthday. I guess we are just another year wiser. lol Well tomorrow is our birthday and we celebrate 26 years in business. Thank you to our amazing staff that work hard to ensure that you receive the best service at Crafty Arts.     We have expanded the business and now sell all of our lines in Europe, which is a big achievement for us and we are stretching... Read More

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Get inside…Banksy’s Toolbox

  Being Banksy is a tough gig, probably. Not only is his identity under constant scrutiny, he’s also creating murals in hugely pressurised environments, trying not to get spotted and thus have his identity put under further scrutiny.   There’s no denying that Banksy has become one of the most influential British artists alive today, with an international reputation for his controversial, outspoken and political stencils Banksy has also become, perhaps unwittingly, a darling of the art-world with his authenticated prints selling for figures exceeding £50,000.   We had a... Read More


Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow and I was asked to write this blog on Inspiring women and there really were too many to choose from.     Image found on Somethings these women have gone through are truly unacceptable and many men and women have been fighting against wrong doings for such a long time. So I am going to talk about a few woman who truly inspire me. I have a very close friend Polly who is very political and loves to talk about issues. She works in the... Read More

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Meet Jonny our new Product Reviewer

  We are very excited to be introducing you to Jonny ….. Our new Product reviewer!       My background and passion has always been Art. I was awarded an art scholarship to study fine art aged just 10yrs to the Royal School King Edwards, and after university I slowly worked towards my dream of becoming a full-time artist.   3 years ago I launched my business JR Portraits and lately I have found art education to be my next big venture, I enjoy teaching art regularly in schools... Read More

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Knitting Tips using King Cole’s Luxe Fur

So Christmas is over but the cold weather is still with us. I don’t know about you but I have had my heating on, blankets everywhere and sometimes even the fire on.   My cat has turned into my moving hot water bottle (which she is happy about) and the kettle is forever boiling. I have discovered that hot gin is delicious, especially if you treat it like a hot toddy with lots of spice and orange. We should tackle this freezing weather with the best weapons we have:  ... Read More

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Dana’s Mini Project: For the Love of Cactus

Cacti and succulents are now a major part on my life at work and at home, I can’t get enough of them!     I am 100% aware that this is a current trend and I have been slightly brainwashed by it but I can’t help it. When I moved into my house 3 years ago I was gifted two Cacti that I quickly placed in the bathroom. Except the pots did not suit my black and white tiles! I searched the whole of Romford, then the internet and I... Read More

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DIY Notice Board – Picking the perfect one for the home office

I love a good notice board. I love that it is versatile and can be used anywhere for the kitchen to the office.   I’m currently decorating my office at home and of course I need a pin board. I was unsure of what I wanted, so as always I hopped onto old faithful Pinterest to have a look at a few ideas.                 Image found on Henhurst I love the look of this one, large frames are in at the moment and there... Read More


The magic of tidying…. I’m a convert

The space where the tree was seems so empty (not in my house I have filled it with gin!)     January is a break from visitors and celebrations, it is also a time to look around your house and notice issues and things that need fixing. Things that need to be put away in the attic. I love my things but I have a lot of them and in no way do I want to live in a minimalist house. I like art, photos, candles and arranging things, my... Read More

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Introducing Emily from Inside-Out Garden Design our New Upcycling Tutor

Meet Emily our New Upcycle Tutor!           What’s your background? Well, right from a child I have always had a natural leaning towards making things with my hands.  I grew up with my mum making clothes for me and my dad did all of the DIY around the house.   At about 5 years old (I guess), I have a vivid memory of being in the garage with my Dad playing with a blunt old saw trying to use it while he was making something else.... Read More


Highlights of 2016

      Happy New Year! New Year = New opportunities and lots of up and coming projects.         Last year was an extremely busy one for us with winning multiple Awards, Celebrating our 25th Anniversary, our Annual Family Fun day, the introductions of new classes and workshops, hosting our first Macmillian Coffee Morning and of course our Advent Calendar for the month of December.       This year we are looking to introduce more makes, product reviews, blogs of the month and much more.    ... Read More

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Day 21: Being a Christmas Baby!

    Now my family have always been good at separating Christmas from my birthday so I have very few complaints.           My Mum and Dad put up their decorations on the 12th of December and remove them 12 days after. My mum always makes a special effort by having Christmas just in one room and she decorated another up as my birthday. Thanks mum! Dana would have decorated her house at the beginning of December, as she loves Christmas so much. But for me, it... Read More

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Day 20: DIY It’s a Cracker

  I love the thought of Christmas crackers but year in year out I always get disappointed with them. The jokes are not very funny and don’t get me started on the so-called toot on the inside. So if you are feeling creative you can make your own. After researching I found that there are lots of different variations to choose from.           Image found on Poppytalk If you are looking for a softer looking table decoration. Then this would be great.            ... Read More


Day 18: Last Minute Gifts

  The shopping malls are busy with people everywhere, the smell of chestnuts roasting and the glistening of fairy lights, people carry their bags full of Christmas gifts. The shopping list in your pocket and everything is all crossed off “what a relief” every gift is purchased and now they can be wrapped and put under the tree. Your mobile rings and Auntie Mary has announced she is coming to see you and she has a small gift for you!     As you get in the front door you kick off your shoes and pour a... Read More


Day 17: Real Vs Fake (The Christmas Tree Debate)

     I am an avid gardener and love being outdoors, so bringing the outdoors in for me is great.         There are pros as well as cons to fake and real Christmas Trees.   As real trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, they literally clean the air plus they can be recycled after use. Natural trees tend to be grown locally as opposed to fake ones, which have a high carbon footprint as they are usually made on the other side of the... Read More


Day 16: Edible Christmas Decorations yummy

Edible garlands and decorations to make with your friends and family. But be careful as I am pretty sure most decorations won’t make it to the tree because you will eat them first.       Image found on chefeddy I am a Macaron fiend. I attended a class on how to make them and although they didn’t look like these perfect ones, they were yummy! These look truly beautiful, I would be a bit afraid to hang them, but to me they defiantly could be an edible decoration. Although they... Read More


Day 13: Count Down….. till Christmas

  The last twelve days I feel have gone by very quickly. But we have had a lot of fun posting every day and getting everyone involved and writing posts. It’s been great! Don’t worry, it’s not over yet. Daily posts will be continuing to Christmas… yesssss!       So now the real countdown begins and today be looking at yarn decorations. Last year I posted a pattern for a mini Christmas stocking. Last year I made 12 into a bunting and hung it in the shop window. This... Read More


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Twelve Drummers Drumming up Cocktails…yes please

This is going to be less of a blog and more or a menu! We will be covering the main food groups: Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whisky, Prosecco and a few non-alcoholic ones as well.             Image found on bbgoodfood Adorable and yummy.             Image found on howsweeteats Using Coconut milk and lime juice- makes a tropical punch delish.             Image found on frugalfamily This one would have to be more of an aperitif rather than... Read More


On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Eleven Pipers Piping – DIY Crochet Slippers

  I was stumped with this entry as I wasn’t sure what to make. And then I had a lightbulb moment! I don’t smoke a pipe but I do love a pair of slippers and on a cold winters day I would wear a pair of slippers and sit by the fire.     So I decided to crochet a pair of adult slippers/booties.         I would say that I’m still a beginner so I followed a YouTube video. So I knew where I was going wrong... Read More