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5 DIY Back to School Crafts Projects to Try with the Kids

School’s out for summer, hooray! Six weeks of fun, sun and playtime are stretching ahead, and it’s time to start planning what you and the kids are going to fill all these free hours with. And while we know that school will be far from the kids’ minds right now, it couldn’t hurt to make use of all this spare time and get them crafting their very own DIY back to school supplies. Getting the kids to make their own DIY back to school accessories is the perfect way to... Read More

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Why Should you Book your Kids Parties at Crafty Arts?

Did you know that we host a kids parties at Crafty Arts, we run a series of different creative birthday parties? We can create whatever your child desires from jungles to magical places. We set up the room depending on your chosen theme and the room is yours for two hours. The tutor will be with you for 1.5hrs and then you have half an hour to eat. I generally set up all the rooms as well as host a fair few of the parties but sometimes other tutors come in... Read More

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The Crafty Arts Ultimate ‘How-To’ Easter Crafts Guide

Besides the chocolate, Easter crafts have got to be the absolute best thing about Easter. It’s the perfect opportunity to whip out your craft kits and create the cutest DIY easter decorations, gifts and cards to help you celebrate this special holiday. Here at Crafty Arts we love a good Easter craft session, so we’ve created this bumper how-to guide with some of our absolute favourite Easter craft tutorials. Let’s get started: How to Make An Easter Bunny Wreath   If you want to make something unique this Easter, it... Read More

Autumn Craft Ideas for Kids 01/11/2017

Autumn Crafts: 4 Leaf Art Ideas For Kids

What’s the one thing autumn gives us in abundance? Leaves of course! And leaves are perfect for autumn crafts, offering so many possibilities for making all sorts of exciting things. We’ve got four wonderfully easy leaf art ideas that you and the kids can do together. All you need to do first is take a lovely stroll through the park and collect lots of dry leaves in as many different colours, shapes and sizes as you can find. What a great excuse for a family day out! Once you have your... Read More