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How to Bullet Journal: Here are some great tips on creating a great planner

I have only been Bullet journaling for 3 years but I am addicted. I thought I would share with you some advice on your Bullet Journal. Planning can feel daunting. Putting dates and filling out the year may seem like an endless task. Or it can make you feel stress-free. I know at a glance if I have plans if I need to do things. What tasks I have completed, what things I still need to do. My planner has all this information and I couldn’t live without it. The... Read More


Engaged at Christmas/ New Year: 2019 Wedding Trends

Engaged at Christmas / New Year, how exciting! Now breath! Take some time to enjoy this. Take as much time you like to tell your friends and family. Do it in person or over the phone but then just take some time for yourself. Time is going to fly (8 months and counting ahhh). You can check your secret Pinterest board for ideas that you like and talk to your partner about the budget, what time of year and what themes if any you are having. Will it be a... Read More


New Year Planning: A Greener 2019

It is easy to set goals for yourself, what needs improving, etc. Winter is the perfect time for planning your New Year, what you hope to achieve and accomplish. Are we thinking a little too small? We know what to do to improve our own health and even the environment but do we prioritize it over anything else? We all know the benefits of tucking into a healthy meal made from scratch using healthy ingredients but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy and we rely on takeouts... Read More

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Gift wrapping is my favourite part of Christmas

Gift wrapping is my favourite part of Christmas. I am not sure why, I love a neat edge and a fancy bow. Printed papers or simple designs fill me with joy. I love complicated ties or butchers’ twine. Gift wrap definitely says more about the wrapper than who you are giving it to. Because all your efforts end up in the bin of destiny. The presents from my fiancé are always either neat or hopeless. Meaning he has tried or someone else has wrapped it for him. He also loves... Read More


How to have a Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time. It is- as much as it is full of love family and laughter there is a lot of preparation involved. Food alone is crazy! Here are a few tips so you can enjoy a stress free Christmas. Organisation is key as well as a budget. It is all well and good buying presents here and there but rather than going too crazy, write a budget. Kids toys cost a fortune and they get bored of them quickly. I have a few lists  Gifts Events Food, drink... Read More


Working with Polymer Clay : Interview with Artist Stacey Halabuda

We recently asked our crafters to review a new polymer clay product so we decided to interview one of the artists. Stacey works with Polymer clay and runs her craft business from home. Her works are truly pieces of heaven. We asked about crafting and working with Polymer clay and running a craft business. Question time How did you get interested in crafts? I always remember being crafty but it really all started with a quilling kit I was bought for my birthday one year. Although I wasn’t particularly good at... Read More

how to read crochet patterns 06/09/2018

How to Read Crochet Patterns: Step by Step Basics

Ever tried reading crochet patterns? It can feel like trying to read something in a foreign language for any newcomer to the hobby. But don’t let this deter you from pursuing this incredible craft; all you need is a little guidance on how to read crochet patterns and you’ll be completely fluent in all crochet-lingo in no time at all. Here’s a basic guide to the most important things you need to know about reading crochet patterns, starting from the very beginning: Step 1: Choosing the right crochet pattern Most... Read More


How to Make a Portfolio for your Art & Design University Place: Tips From the Tutors

  Got your sights set on a university degree in art or graphic design? First you have to impress the tutors by blowing their socks off with a demonstration of your incredible creative skills at a placement interview. It’s not as scary as it sounds, though, and we’ve got tips on how to make a portfolio from one of the very people you need to impress. Joanne Greenhalgh is a Graphic Design Lecturer (and employability champion) at the University of Salford, and she knows a thing or two about what... Read More


How To Paint Animals: Painting By Numbers Tips & Tricks

Painting animals is about capturing life. Inquisitive eyes, glossy fur, swishing tails; it can all be captured beautifully in paint if you know how, especially with a little numerical help. If you’re struggling to learn how to paint animals then painting by numbers is the friend you never knew you had, and we’re here to help you get started.Let’s start by first dispelling three common myths about painting by numbers: It’s for kids – Absolutely not. Painting by numbers kits do exist for kids, but there’s a huge range of... Read More

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The Crafty Arts Ultimate ‘How-To’ Easter Crafts Guide

Besides the chocolate, Easter crafts have got to be the absolute best thing about Easter. It’s the perfect opportunity to whip out your craft kits and create the cutest DIY easter decorations, gifts and cards to help you celebrate this special holiday. Here at Crafty Arts we love a good Easter craft session, so we’ve created this bumper how-to guide with some of our absolute favourite Easter craft tutorials. Let’s get started: How to Make An Easter Bunny Wreath   If you want to make something unique this Easter, it... Read More

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How To Make Your Own Candles

I absolutely love candles, I have them all around my house, on the windowsills, in the bathroom, in my bedroom and a food smell neutralising one in my kitchen. There is just something about burning scented candles that relaxes me and calms me down after a long day at work and with the kids. I also just love the way they make my front room look in the evenings when it’s time to chill with no other light on just me, my partner, my candles and a good book. So... Read More

storage hacks wall space 02/01/2018

5 Crafty Storage Hacks to Organise Your Creativity

How’s your craft room looking? If you’re constantly rummaging, searching and scrabbling around to find the bits and bobs you need, then you may be in need of a few good storage hacks. As keen crafters ourselves, we’ve picked up loads of great organisation hacks for storing our craft materials along the way, and we’re going to share them with you. Sharing is caring, after all. Our top 5 storage hacks: Marvellous Jars Image source: listinspired / thecoloringbook / jessicapetersonphoto Is there anything you can’t use a mason jar for?... Read More

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Staying within the Lines- My First paint by numbers!

I love to draw and paint. Image source Photo by Tim Arterbury on Unsplash   My dream would be a house by the sea and me painting all day every day for the rest of my life.   Image source Photo Mona Lisa Smile I have never painted a Paint by Numbers but I remember that poignant scene in the film Mona Lisa Smile when her students all handed in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Paint by numbers and they had all painted them differently, it was gorgeous. I said to myself if I ever... Read More


Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching – last minute changes to plans and extra presents are part of the course.   Image found on As they say….   My dad never wants anything – but likes everything, and buys both fun and mundane things seemingly at random. I am assuming there is a method to it and it works for him. He had his midlife crisis and bought a white convertible – this turned out to be immensely practical for the family (with the roof down literally anything would fit!) and... Read More


What Dad doesn’t like Star Wars? DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Image found on Etsy     Here at Crafty Arts we love Star Wars, we can’t help it, we love the films (all four of them!) We love the merchandise, we watched it growing up and still can’t get enough of it, we have Tesco Star Wars reusable bags, Kellogg’s light sabre spoons, Natasha cut out Star Wars snowflakes at Christmas time. So this Father’s Day I am showing you our favourite Father’s day cards and gifts Star Wars themed crafts! I do think it’s great that the roles of... Read More

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Minion Crafts: How to Make your own Minion with the kids

        The world seems obsessed You can have everything Minion from, your nails painted to your car! Don’t get me wrong I think they are cute (they are no baby Groot) but cute nonetheless. So we are running a cute clay workshop on the 30th May and I have to make clay minions as examples. The staff have also requested my samples when I am finished with them. I thought, if you love minions that you may like to see other minion craft, well here goes. Image... Read More


Understanding Colour Pigments & Jargon

Colour, colour mixing and understanding different terms and jargons can be a daunting experience and sometimes it seems easier to just buy the specific colours that you want to make life easier.   Colour mixing takes practice and there is nothing wrong with buying more colours to enhance your work but you will find that your pigments are oversaturated. Your illustrations and paintings may turn out brassy and cartoonishly bright. Here is a little breakdown of colours and colour mixing to help you on your art journey.   Image found... Read More

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Adult Messy Play: Playing with Derwent Graphik Paint Liners

The Line Painter is a permanent water-based, solvent-free pigment ink or paint and has a 0.5mm nib. It is available in 20 different colours, including a range of greys, black, silver and most importantly white! They can be purchased as individual pens in sets of five colours or in a box containing all 20 colours. You can use them with the Derwent’s free-flowing water brush which has a water reservoir that is ideal for carrying with you along with the markers. I have a lot of pigment liners and I... Read More


This Lamb is Smoking!

I love to BBQ and when I think of Easter Sunday I think of Lamb (for me it’s a no-brainer lol) A few months back my wife brought be a BBQ course for my birthday, where we learnt to cook slowly on the BBQ using different techniques like smoking.         When smoking on the BBQ, you need a bbq that has a tight closing lid and does not have any gaps! This is essential to controlling the temperature over a few hours. The bbq below isn’t even... Read More


Get inside…Bob Dylan’s Studio

Musician, songwriter, poet, Noble Prize winner and artist Bob Dylan is undoubtedly one of the most influential creative thinkers of our time.     As an artist, he has created a number of paintings inspired by his time touring the world, starting with The Drawn Blank Series, drawings created in the late 80s and early 90s and released as limited edition art prints in 2008 through to his most recent collection Beaten Path released in 2016. There’s no denying that Bob Dylan has a unique take on the world, evident... Read More