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Plans for the New Year and what you want from us?

So it is time for us to start planning for the new year and to find out what you want from us? We need all the information you can give us so please email us with all your suggestions. January is a great time to sit down and plan out the year. We like to take a breather from how busy we have been this Christmas time and start planning. How do you utilise, January? Well, Christmas is over! All that time and effort, some of you will be packing up... Read More

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A Crafty Christmas: Planning and Decorating, Making

It officially Christmas We are finally in November and shop windows around the country are turning to Christmas. I know it feels that some shops start far too early but can you ever be too prepared? This year at Crafty Arts we are celebrating all things Crafty and wholesome. We are going back to the ideas of a lovely handmade Christmas with homemade crackers, decorations and dare I say gifts? We plan on giving you lots of inspiration this Christmas to get you in the crafting mood. I hope to show... Read More

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Why Should you Book your Kids Parties at Crafty Arts?

Did you know that we host a kids parties at Crafty Arts, we run a series of different creative birthday parties? We can create whatever your child desires from jungles to magical places. We set up the room depending on your chosen theme and the room is yours for two hours. The tutor will be with you for 1.5hrs and then you have half an hour to eat. I generally set up all the rooms as well as host a fair few of the parties but sometimes other tutors come in... Read More

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How to Make Your Own Fairy House using Fimo Polymer Clay

Here I show you step by step instructions on making a fairy house using Fimo that can live outside in your garden. We are running this workshop in the summer so if you would like some guidance then please come and join in or just have a try at home! The truth is it was so simple and could have been even simpler if I didn’t blend all my own colours. This is definitely a lovely afternoon activity and you can easily get the kids involved. This is the absolute... Read More


A deeper look into Mothering Sunday and What it Means to Me

I feel like there are 3 parts to Mothers Day   The love I have for my mother. The love that I have for my children as a mother. Then the strong women in my life who are like mothers to me. We tend to use the day to celebrate, give thanks to the women in our lives. For all they do and have done for us over the years. The word Mother is a powerful word in every walk of life, there is nothing quite like your mum. I... Read More

Harry Potter Books Banner 26/10/2017

Harry Potter Crafts: Our Magical Workshops

This little blog is a personal journey of obsession that meets craft.   This is the first blog I am writing for Crafty Arts and I get to talk about the two things that I love, Harry Potter and workshops. I couldn’t be happier.     Image Source     I work part time at Crafty Arts for the Customer Service Team and one of the workshop teachers, which means not only can I influence the workshops (more Harry Potter ones please) but I can also attend them with my... Read More

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It’s that Time Again: Crafty Arts Summer Funday

As always everyone at Crafty Arts getting very excited about our Funday!   Why It’s a chance to give back to the community with Free Demonstrations, Workshops and Face Painting. As well as showcasing local artists and crafters.   This year we will also be running lots of promotions for one day only, as well as having our Tombola on the go through out the day.   When is it 19th August 2017   Where is it Creative House, Bryant Avenue, Romford, Essex, RM3 0AP (Near the Gallow’s Corner Tesco’s)... Read More

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Staying within the Lines- My First paint by numbers!

I love to draw and paint. Image source Photo by Tim Arterbury on Unsplash   My dream would be a house by the sea and me painting all day every day for the rest of my life.   Image source Photo Mona Lisa Smile I have never painted a Paint by Numbers but I remember that poignant scene in the film Mona Lisa Smile when her students all handed in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Paint by numbers and they had all painted them differently, it was gorgeous. I said to myself if I ever... Read More

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Minion Crafts: How to Make your own Minion with the kids

        The world seems obsessed You can have everything Minion from, your nails painted to your car! Don’t get me wrong I think they are cute (they are no baby Groot) but cute nonetheless. So we are running a cute clay workshop on the 30th May and I have to make clay minions as examples. The staff have also requested my samples when I am finished with them. I thought, if you love minions that you may like to see other minion craft, well here goes. Image... Read More

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Adult Messy Play: Playing with Derwent Graphik Paint Liners

The Line Painter is a permanent water-based, solvent-free pigment ink or paint and has a 0.5mm nib. It is available in 20 different colours, including a range of greys, black, silver and most importantly white! They can be purchased as individual pens in sets of five colours or in a box containing all 20 colours. You can use them with the Derwent’s free-flowing water brush which has a water reservoir that is ideal for carrying with you along with the markers. I have a lot of pigment liners and I... Read More


Wedding Season is Here

  Here in the shop we often have DIY brides coming in saying they have seen an idea on Pinterest and thought they can make it themselves for half the price. So they come in and pick our brains for ideas, well after all that is what we are here for. There isn’t a lot that you can’t do or teach yourself to do from invites, save the dates (which I don’t understand) favours, tables settings to flowers, you really can cut costs dramatically as long as you have the... Read More


Playing with Pebeo –Relief and Crackle Paste

Pebeo mixed media is one of my more recent experimental joys. It is so much fun, creating simple shapes and then letting the paint and mediums do all the work. I divided my super simple pineapple image into 6 then started outlining with the Mixtion Relief   Then I used the modelling paste in 2 panels to add some texture: One wood like effect and One smooth. The crackle paste I painted in “Part 1” in two of the other panels.     I tried to play with relief carving... Read More

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Introducing Emily from Inside-Out Garden Design our New Upcycling Tutor

Meet Emily our New Upcycle Tutor!           What’s your background? Well, right from a child I have always had a natural leaning towards making things with my hands.  I grew up with my mum making clothes for me and my dad did all of the DIY around the house.   At about 5 years old (I guess), I have a vivid memory of being in the garage with my Dad playing with a blunt old saw trying to use it while he was making something else.... Read More


Day 23 of the Advent Calendar: Book a Workshop – The Ultimate Online Present

We have so many workshops coming up next year, the Ultimate Online Present. We will be finally running the calligraphy workshops we have been promising. But not only that a Flamework, Caustic Art, Floristry and lots more.   For those up and coming workshops I advise you to buy an online voucher, just make sure you put the recipient’s email address on it, that way they can choose the workshop they want.         Watercolour Workshops   Bill Newton has been with us for years now and he is... Read More

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On the Ninth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. Nine Ladies Dancing

  Christmas means a lot of things to different people, I automatically think about home and family where others think about Christmas parties and dancing. I love to dance, best thing about weddings is the dancefloor, and you can’t get me off one. I am normally the first one on and the last one off, often calling for “one more song”. So when it came to ladies leaping, I wanted to write the blog entry on getting your dancing shoes on! Comfy heels are an absolute must for dancing or you... Read More


Remembering Remembrance Sunday

Being an army brat and being born on November 11th means that every year, when I wear my poppy I wear it with such pride.       I remember going to army parades in Aldershot, the old home of the British army. The garrison was buzzing with soldiers and families. The men and women polished up in their finest, the team mascots brushed so their coats were shiny.     It is and was a time to reflect, to remember about those who had served and those that didn’t... Read More

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Casting for Beginners: Part 1 – How to cast

Here at Crafty Arts our art lessons are a bit different.   I like to challenge them and try out new things.  I know that Age 7+ means you can be trusted with quite complex techniques. So for our 3D Sculpture classes I am teaching them about different casting techniques so that they can create their own resin sculptures.         We started with the clay, a great medium for any age as it’s tactile and any mistakes can be covered with a bit more clay and a... Read More

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October Half Term for the Kids

Workshops   Autumn is my favourite time of year, although I would prefer the sun to set later I do love the dark cosy nights, the bright sunny days that are just about warm enough to drink your piping hot coffee outside. I love all the dressing up and magic of this time of year, dressing up in summer is great, but walking in day light dressed as “Where’s Wally” is not so fun! I will be watching Harry Potter and cooking up a zombie themed feast for World Zombie... Read More

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An introduction to Kirsty our Jewellery Making Tutor

Kirsty Halsey who designs and makes jewellery will be running some workshops over the next few months so we thought it would be nice to discover more about her. Kirsty has a background in retail and environmental science, but wanted to pursue her craft.             I started collecting gemstones when I was little on family holidays to Devon each year. My collection grew and grew. In 2004 I became ill with M.E, I was bead-bound and then house bound. I really struggled with my health... Read More

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Experimenting with Pebeo

I love mixed media, it is a discipline of a different sort and when using Pebeo Fantasy paint’s, you literally have no control of how the colours and textures develop. I experimented with different solvent based paints like the Vitrail, Prisme and Moon. This way of creating art is all about letting loose and pure experimentation.       I began playing with resins, Crystal Resin (my personal favourite) with it’s glass like quality and Glazing Resin which makes your work look like it is enamelled or contains items in... Read More