It’s nearly Christmas but don’t panic you still have time

I know there are only 5 days left till Christmas but don’t panic you still have time. Don’t stress too much if you haven’t crossed everything off your list. It is time to put down the google search and hit the high street. Don’t worry if you can’t find the exact thing you’re looking for. You can always hunt after Christmas in the January sales. Your family will still appreciate it even if it is a few days late. Maybe Santa got stuck up the chimney and there was no one there to pull... Read More

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Gift wrapping is my favourite part of Christmas

Gift wrapping is my favourite part of Christmas. I am not sure why, I love a neat edge and a fancy bow. Printed papers or simple designs fill me with joy. I love complicated ties or butchers’ twine. Gift wrap definitely says more about the wrapper than who you are giving it to. Because all your efforts end up in the bin of destiny. The presents from my fiancé are always either neat or hopeless. Meaning he has tried or someone else has wrapped it for him. He also loves... Read More


How to have a Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time. It is- as much as it is full of love family and laughter there is a lot of preparation involved. Food alone is crazy! Here are a few tips so you can enjoy a stress free Christmas. Organisation is key as well as a budget. It is all well and good buying presents here and there but rather than going too crazy, write a budget. Kids toys cost a fortune and they get bored of them quickly. I have a few lists  Gifts Events Food, drink... Read More

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Top 10 Of 10 Watercolour Recommendations: For Gifts or just for you

If you are stuck looking for art presents or want to add to your art collection here we go through our Top 10 Of 10 in watercolour. All the products you can use together or on there own. Watercolour doesn’t have to be limited to tubes of paint. You have half pans, pencils, pens, inks and blocks.   1. Winsor and Newton 24 Half Pan I love this set so much I have two of them. It has all the colours you need and you can travel with it easily. When... Read More


Crafty Christmas Window: Paul and his Posca Pens

This year we commissioned Paul a local artist to paint our Crafty Christmas window using is favourite Posca Pens. Paul is a regular customer of ours who is a sign painter and artists. His work is commissioned all over London, Kent Essex, Hertfordshire and further afield. We are more than thrilled with hill work but we thought you would like to see how this gorgeous piece of art came about. I am already sad that it is not a permanent feature and will have to come off before the new year.... Read More

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A Crafty Christmas: Planning and Decorating, Making

It officially Christmas We are finally in November and shop windows around the country are turning to Christmas. I know it feels that some shops start far too early but can you ever be too prepared? This year at Crafty Arts we are celebrating all things Crafty and wholesome. We are going back to the ideas of a lovely handmade Christmas with homemade crackers, decorations and dare I say gifts? We plan on giving you lots of inspiration this Christmas to get you in the crafting mood. I hope to show... Read More

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Product Review: How to make your own Bath Bombs

  I have always wondered how to make your own bath bomb. Using a kit I thought I would show you how successful and easy they are to make. As a mum of two very active boys, I don’t get a lot of time to myself. Having a bath is the only bit of relaxing I can do. Sweet smelling relaxing therapy that I all enjoy at home. Lets face it we all have hectic lives at times. Bath bombs were first brought to my attention around 2 years ago whilst... Read More


Crafting for Christmas: Getting Organised for Christmas the crafty way

I know,  you may think it is far too soon to think about Christmas crafting. But now is the time that crafters start planning the rest of the year. If you sell your wares then you need to start making now so your stock is ready for end of September. The idea of thick jumpers and hot drinks offers me no comfort during this heatwave. Imagining all the snow and rain paints a big grin on my face. After the terribly long drawn out winter we have had this year, you... Read More

DIY christmas crackers edible 19/12/2017
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DIY Christmas Crackers: Crafty Ideas With a Festive Snap

Hands up, who’s grown tired of supermarket Christmas crackers? Yep, us too. But there is a solution: DIY Christmas crackers. Crackers are a festive tradition that have been an integral part of Christmas dinner proceedings since, well…forever. But inside these glittering, enticing things so often lies disappointment. Every year we get sigh-worthy jokes that we’ve heard a thousand times before, plus a naff plastic item that soon finds its way into the bin or (if it’s lucky) the bottom of that ‘miscellaneous’ kitchen drawer, never to be seen again. So... Read More


How to make your own Christmas Jumper ready for Christmas Jumper Day

Here I show you how to make your own Christmas Jumper ready for Christmas Jumper day! Well, this Christmas you don’t have to wear the same brightly coloured jumper as everyone else. You and your family can now wear matching jumpers made with your own fair hands. You can do it, choose your own colour pallet and add as much sparkle and baubles as you like, but the best thing is it is really simple.               Sweatshirt Felt Pom Pom trim Posca pens  Scissors... Read More

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How to Get the Kids involved this Christmas: Christmas Crafts

Christmas is personal to everyone and it’s important to get the kids involved. I am going to show you an easy craft for the whole family. We all have our own traditions at Christmas, from the order of the day to things we have to do (turkey sandwich no matter how full we are). Even the things we don’t do (like tinsel on the Christmas tree). People get funny about the word Xmas (which is my pet hate). The term Merry Christmas (as it should be) and Happy Christmas (no... Read More


Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas? Here is this year’s Staff Picks for 2017

It can be so hard finding gift ideas for Christmas.  Here are a selection of potential gift ideas for your friends and family. Here at Crafty Arts we are always working hard to bring you new and exciting products, so here our team are going to talk about their favourite products. Hopefully to inspire you in your Christmas shopping this year. We are a mix of personalities from crafters, artists, stationary lovers and all those in between. Image Source: Unslash @MarkusSpiske     Caran D’ache Pencil Sharpener I asked Jon... Read More


Don’t be a Donkey is a new card game to play at Christmas

Don’t be a Donkey is a new card game to play at Christmas. This is a fast paced game for the family. It’s a carrot grabbing swapping game that will keep you on your toes.   Last week on ITV’s “How to Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield”. Don’t be a Donkey was rated as one of the top children’s games to play at Christmas. It’s a game not just to played by the children, but one for the adults to join in too.   Image Source: The Sun... Read More

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How to Make Your Own D.I.Y Glass Ornaments for Christmas

Making your own D.I.Y glass ornaments for the Christmas tree is a great D.I.Y project. The great thing about a project like this is that doesn’t take a lot of time to make the different variations of baubles and it is something fun and exciting to do. This is a quick easy project and looks great. For those of you who would like to create something personal but don’t have a lot of time then this is the craft for you!   Getting Started Make Time: 15 minutes What you... Read More


Day 22 of the Advent Calendar: Last minute gifts – Let’s get crafting!

This happens more often than not, it can be petrifying especially when you think you are finished and every gift is sorted only to find that you have missed someone.   I have lists, lists upon lists in my bullet journal. I know who I am buying for and generally what I am buying but being caught out is never fun.   So let’s pretend, it is 8 o’clock on Christmas Eve the shops are shut, you have a house full of people and a million jobs to do. You... Read More


Day 15: Board Games for the Adults

  I wouldn’t say I’m an avid board gamer but actually thinking about it I have already played several board games this year including Catan (strategy Game), Cards Against Humanity (very adult word game), cranium (act, words & more game) and Tension (word association game). Last year also played Pass the Bomb (fast passed word game) and Telestrations (Think Pictionary with Chinese whispers) and Othello (2 player game). So I’m fairly well experienced in my Game playing, hopefully this helps with an honest review. So here’s a mini review on... Read More


On the 11th Day of Christmas: Free Mini Stocking Pattern

DAY 11     From the end of November we started to put our Christmas decorations up in the shop.  But we had to think about what was going to be put and where, way before that. For the past two years we have sold King Cole’s Chunky Tinsel, which is a bit tricky to use, but what ever you do use it for, it will look extra special.       I first used the Tinsel last year for our Hedgehog kit but due to it’s popularity. I decided... Read More


On the 7th Day of Christmas: Christmas Wrapping Ideas

DAY 7   So it is that time of year when we all go a bit crazy over pretty much everything, whether it is our obsession with knitted stockings, crocheted Baubles, handmade cards or just a splurge on presents we all go a bit over the top and Christmas. My biggest Christmas obsession is wrap I love it! I once spent more on handmade dyed and threaded papers from India than I did the presents. Each member of the family received a different colour, my mum still has all the... Read More


On the 6th Day of Christmas: Workshop Recommendation for the New Year

DAY 6 Today is workshop day! For those that do not know where we are situated, we are nice and close to the M25, so why not check out some of our classes.   We have classes and workshops throughout the week and on a Saturday. Along with Art Night on a Thursday Night, which is our Art and Wine Night. Yes I did say wine night 🙂 For more info click here       With Hotels and Caterers doubling their prices as soon as they hear the word... Read More


Make a Christmas wreath with your Kids: On the 4th Day of Christmas

DAY 4   Hi, My name is Vicky and I have been invited to be a guest writer for the Be Creative Daily blog all the way from New Zealand. I am going to show you how I made a wreath with kids hands. I love Christmas, the lights, the food, even the Christmas songs but I am quite fussy about what passes for my Christmas decorations, glitter yes, tinsel a big no. When I first saw this paper wreath on Pinterest I thought it was quite sweet. This little... Read More