Happy Father’s Day

To all the wonderful Dads, step-Dad’s and father figures there, we celebrate you. From the times you held us when we cried, or fixed our favourite toy, celebrated our acheivements with us or picked us up and dusted us off when life threw curveballs at us, we want to say thank you.

To celebrate our dads this Father’s Day we wanted to share some our favourite memories, accidents and just general times our Dad’s were our heros!

Breaking Vases and Breaking Down Barriers

Hanna: I have been lucky enough in life to have had an incredible Dad and an incredible step-Dad. Both entirely different from each other, I have grown up to take their best parts (and some of their worst!) but without either of them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

One of my favourite memories of my Dad is him throwing me and my sister down the stairs on a mattress (and breaking my Mum’s vase in the process). When the literal dust had settled and all 3 of us were no longer in trouble, my Dad had this twinkle in his eye that was unforgettable. Without saying a single word, that look just said, “it was worth it“. (We also broke a fan that night too, sorry Mum!)

I met my step-dad at a truly terrible age, prepubescent and full of teen angst (“you’re not my Dad!“) but he never gave up on loving me even when I infuriated him and made his life hard. One day, on a holiday in Great Yarmouth, he held my small miserable teenage hand in his as we walked along the beach and there was an unspoken conversation happening between us. It took a while but that memory was the turning point of what is now a truly special relationship. He then later ran naked into the sea with just a bobble hat on and it quite frankly scarred me for life.

When play fighting ends up in A&E

Jay: So as a teenager you watch an action movie and you feel like you have Bruce Lee kicking skills, my Dad being the sport he is reacted to a play fight. I started with soft kicks, testing the water and he was defending himself by slapping them down with his hands way too easily. So naturally I increased the speed of my kicks and he yelps, grabs his thumb and doesn’t stop holding it. He doesn’t say anything at all and he and my Mum shoot off to the hospital. I later find out the bone came out part of his thumb and pierced his skin which had to be put back in place. Sorry Dad!

Now being a Dad myself I’m sure I’m due my own accident at some point and feel like it will be along the same lines or probably worse!

Too many choices

Ellie: Christmas with my Dad was always great fun just seeing my dad decide on which cream he was going to have on his Christmas Pud. To him, there simply was just too many to choose from!

A Close Shave

Jon: One of my fondest memories of my Dad was him letting me shave his face while he laid in bed when I was little. He’s a braver man than I!!

Thank you Dad for all that you do for us. You’re our superhero

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