Best Homemade Christmas Gifts on Pinterest 2020

Christmas is just round the corner, 6 weeks away to be exact. Which is great because it gives us enough time to make some homemade Christmas gifts on a budget.

1.Make your own lip balm by

5 Minute Diy Lip Balm by

I really like this gift as it is has three simple ingredients that you need to make the lip balm. It’s children friendly, so it is also something that you can make with the kids.

2. Candy Sleigh by

Candy Sleigh by

This is a great stocking filler for the kids, these instructions are using American chocolate bars, but you can create the same using British Chocolate bars.

3. Homemade Teacup Candles made by

Homemade Teacup Candles made by

These are very cute, you can pick the type of tea cup and scent to suit the person that you are gifting. You will be surprised at what type of tea cups that you can find in your local charity shop.

4. Slippers Gift Idea for Women by

Slippers Gift Idea for Women by

Ideal for a Homemade Christmas gift. This is a nice set for any of the females in your family, especially if you are not great at making stuff, but can put a few things together. This gift is simple yet effective.

5. DIY Herbal Bath Soaks from

DIY Herbal Bath Soaks from

After a long day, there is nothing better than having a long soak in the bath and just unwinding.

6. Sharpie Mug Tutorial by

Sharpie Mug Tutorial by

This is a nice and easy project, if you don’t have sharpie pens to carry out this project, don’t worry as you can use these as well like the Sakura Touch Pen Metallic Paint Marker Set You will need to use a sealer as these pens are non-permanent, to ensure that the mug is dishwasher proof.

7. DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs by

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs by

I really like the look of this finished project, which I am sure that you will agree. You can never have too many mugs I say.

8.DIY Ombre Kitchen Utensils by

DIY Ombre Kitchen Utensils by

This set would brighten up any kitchen, the great thing is that you do not have to use their choice of colours. Pick colours that would be suited to their kitchen and you can see our full range of Folk Art Acrylic (

9. Gingerbread Cup Cozy by

Gingerbread Cup Cozy by

Crochet is so versatile and I love a cute crochet gift. It can look as traditional or as modern as you like. There are so many patterns available to choose from for free as well as paid with many for beginners. I liked the look of this as we are using more reusable cups and takeaway hot drinks and it is nice and festive.

10.Movie Night Gift Basket by

Movie Night Gift Basket by

Last Christmas I made a hamper similar to this for friends who had just had a baby over the Christmas period. They loved films and I figured that they wouldn’t be going to the cinema anytime soon, so we brought the cinema to them. I always think that the best gifts are the thoughtful ones, they don’t have to be expensive.

If homemade Christmas is not your thing, check out our Christmas section on our website for some inspiration.

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