Introducing the new Crafty Arts Essentials Hard back Sketch Books

Crafty Arts Essentials is here! Last year we at Crafty Arts decided that we wanted to embark upon creating an essentials range. We love the brands that we have promoted and sold over the last 29 year years and will continue to proudly do so, but felt that it was just as important to create some products of our own from materials that we know and love.

So today we are proud to introduce you to our Crafty Arts Essentials Hardback Sketch Books. We wanted to produce a quality range at a great valued price. There are two sketchbooks come in two different sizes A3 and A4.

Both sizes are spiral hardback sketch books with 60 pages (30 leaves in total). The wide wirebound spirals allow each book to lay flat while you are sketching and drawing offering easy access to your masterpiece.

If it’s not orange, it’s not Crafty Arts!

The tough black cover keeps your work safe, enabling you to take it out and about. You will find that the black cover is also slightly larger than the inserted white sheets, ensuring that your paper edges are protected.

The paper itself is 160gm in weight and acid free so it won’t yellow with age. We wanted to ensure that these pads would be perfect for all type of art uses including; drawing and sketching in graphite, coloured pencils, fine liner pens, charcoal, ink and light watercolour wash artwork.

Making each pad the perfect must-have for beginners and all artists alike.

Company Director Jay having the first test of our new Essential Sketchbooks

In the coming months, we are excited to add more to the Crafty Arts Essential Range, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

We look forward to keeping you posted.

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