This could be the best compost for your plants: Introducing Bord na Mona Compost

We are constantly looking at new brands and ranges that catches the eye and Bord na Mona Compost is definitely one of them.

Like many of you, since lock down I have found myself spending a lot of time in the garden, with my vegetable patch and spending more time on my house plants. I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed it and have found it to be quite therapeutic. I have created a nice little habit where I go home after work and go straight into the garden to water my fruit, veg and of course not forgetting the flowers. Which is why I was excited to have Bord na Mona Compost now in our stock range.

Seedlings just starting their Bord Na Mona journey

With the weather being so hot, don’t forget to water, especially if you are using containers and new plants. I tend to use a water butt as it a great way to collect rainwater and helps your garden to look healthy all year round naturally. So it may be worth contacting your local council to see if they offer a discount on this product, mine did.

Who is Bord na Mona?

Bord na Móna Horticulture cater for your everyday gardeners as well as professionals with their peat based soil.

What we liked about this brand is that the range is vast, and their mindset is all about innovation and their focus on sustainability. Another side of their business is that they are able to power over a quarter of a million Irish homes, half of the electricity that they produce is now generated from a renewable source.

So what is Peat?

Peat is formed in natural areas and is a build-up of decayed vegetation. According to the National Trust, peat plays an essential role to the planet, not just for wildlife, but it preserves landscapes and vegetation, and holds up to 20 times it’s own water weight and if that wasn’t enough, it also stores carbon. Pretty nifty really.

For more information on why peat is so unique, you can visit the National Trust website.

Now with peat being so crucial to the environment, I was relieved to know that Bord na Móna has a strict policy of how they extract it and that they are committed to reclaiming the areas that they remove from for forestry, wetlands or as shallow lakes.

There are many different variations within the range from Cactus & Bonsai compost, Orchid Compost to Rose, Tree and Shrub Compost as well as a Premium Multipurpose Compost, so why not check out the full range below;

Growise Multipurpose Compost

  • 50lt Bag
  • High-quality Irish moss peat mixed
  • Ideal for sowing seeds, cuttings, hanging baskets and beds & borders
  • Suitable to use with both indoor and outdoor plants
  • Contains all the nutrients for your plants.

Premium Multipurpose Compost with John Innes

  • 10lt Bag
  • With higher levels of moisture retention and nutrient buffering
  • Ideal for planting flowers, sowing seeds, hanging baskets and beds & borders.
  • Suitable for different types of plants at varying stages of their growth

Growise John Innes No.1 Compost

  • 10lt bag
  • Encourages strong roots and protects sensitive seedlings
  • Suitable to use with both indoor and outdoor containerised plants
  • Contains specialised nutrients to encourage the growth
  • Perfect choice for the everyday gardener

Growise Cactus & Bonsai Compost

  • 10lt bag
  • Perfect for repotting many types of cactus and bonsai plants
  • Encourages growth and healthy roots
  • Nutrient rich compost with added grit
  • Perfect choice for the everyday gardener

Well I hope that you have as much fun in the garden as I will. We would love to see your posts on social, you can post straight to our facebook page!

PS: If you are new to gardening or looking for some good tips. I watched a very handy Alan Titchmarsh series called ‘Grow Your Own At Home with Alan Titchmarsh:


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