Thank You to All Our Mums

I think being a parent is such hard work. It’s a constant part of your life that never stops, even when you are away from them, you are constantly thinking about them.

This post is just a little thank you to all our mums out there, whatever shape or title they fall under. Thank you.

Mums or the role of mum is a hard one. You are teacher, carer, hug giver, disciplinarian, nurse, cook, cleaner, organiser, driver, nightmare chaser, bodyguard, costume maker and personal shopper. The list is never-ending. Every day, all day forever. So again, thank you.

It is a constant strain on your mental health but it is worth every moment of it. It is so important to take a little time for yourself. To sit back and let yourself be looked after for once. It isn’t about spending a lot of money and it certainly isn’t about doing big fancy things.

As this is a small family run business I thought it would be nice to share some of our favourite memories about our mums so here it goes.

Dana’s Mum

My mum, like lots of mum, is a total unsung hero. She was such a kind caring person and me and my siblings would all agree that we take her kindness for granted. There really isn’t anything my mum wouldn’t do for us.

When I was little, my mum was in an out of the hospital with cancer. My brother was affected by my mother being taken away from him and didn’t speak till he was 3. He was a super happy smiling baby, full of energy and cuteness. He loved to walk and being observant he noticed that my mum would always put on her wig on when she was out in public.

If my brother ever wanted to go for a walk we would find him standing by the door with my mum’s wig in her hand. She was slightly appalled yet still found his actions utterly charming. My mum has a certain laugh that is half appalled shock, half laugh and as we still like to shock her now, she still laughs like that.

It’s one of my favourite things about my mum.

Hanna’s Mum

You never stop needing your mum, even when you get older. My mum has been by my side through everything. As a kid, I was always sick, constantly. Always had something wrong with me, it never bothered Mum. Mum just stayed by my side, always.

As an adult, still needing my Mum by my side, she comes with me every where I need to go, any doctors appointment, any hospital. However, I relish the fact that as an adult, I get to enjoy the beauty of our time together a lot more.

We used to have a 7am appointment, around 60 miles from where we both lived, but I used to get up at 5am with excitement, because Mum and I would meet at 6.00am and get a bacon sandwich and ride the hour-long bus to the hospital, people watching, laughing, giggling, chatting and just enjoying each others company.

How often do you get to sit and do nothing for an hour and watch the world go by in the company of your favourite person? Those couple of hours continue to be the highlight of my week, every week. Mum, you’re the best. I couldn’t do any of it without you x

Natasha’s Mum

My fond memory with mum

When I was in my teens, my mum felt that it was important that she spent individual time with me and my sisters. So once a quarter, she would take me up to North London to go shopping.

At lunch time we would always stop at the same Greek restaurant and order the same thing every time. Our little tradition omelette and chips. We would spend the whole day milling around the shops. Mostly just looking. But I truly treasured it as it was me and mum time.

Ellie’s Mum

My Mum is my very own sunflower love her to bits, I have so many memories but this one makes me smile.

My memory involves one of my favourite things to do and thats shopping. Pollards is where my mum shopping when I was little. Its was the most magical shop. Mum would take me to buy my socks, knickers and vests. They were all in little draws and cupboards. I would open them all and choose the colours I wanted but I never ended up with them….

“No” my mum would say… you can have white ones but I would get a pair of frilly ankle socks for being good!!

Always white though, not any more.

Thank you

So this is a thank you. A thank you for all the big moments we have shared but also the little ones where we have laughed. For the copious cups of tea, dinners, kind words and enduring love. If you want to be inspired you can also check interesting mum and parenting articles on Best for Mums.

Thanks mums

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