A Homemade Easter

It doesn’t take long for the Christmas decorations to be whipped away and the easter eggs come out. Don’t get us wrong, we love chocolate and any excuse to eat a chocolate-covered anything. However, we are thinking a wee bit greener and a wee bit more sustainable. We don’t want to encourage everyone to go crazy and buy lots of props for this holiday. Although we do love seeing pictures of everyone’s home all decorated up. We just want to encourage everyone to reuse and recycle where you can. Homemade Easter decorations can add a touch of Easter to any home. If you make an Easter garland just make sure that you pack them away carefully so you can reuse them. If you buy lots of decorations then look after them so you can get pleasure from them year after year.

This Easter we are are going homemade

I don’t have children and my family mostly live all over the world ( except my little brother who I don’t see enough, no ones fault). So when it comes to Easter I generally invite my friends around for a slap-up feast. I dress the table in eggs, twigs and place cards ( totally unnecessary but far too much fun). Now that I have my Cricut, I can cut some fairly intricate name cards out and I can’t wait!

HomeMade Easter table decoration
Easter Table Decoration by A Wonderful Thought

Easter Traditions are different for every family. We are all about the dining room table and having friends and family gather around for a nice roast. Whether its lamb, turkey, pork or vegan. Gathering around for a meal makes it special and decorating the table makes it even more so. I definitely add a few chocolate edible decorations to my table.

Homemade decorations are far more precious than anything you can buy. Garlands made from paper or scraps of fabric will add a rustic touch to any mantlepiece, wall or window. Getting the family involved in making means that you will add even more memories to them. Crafting definitely isn’t just for children. Get the grandparents involved as well. Simple crafts like decoupage and painting make the whole event a lot more special. (our Easter Garland tutorial coming soon!)

The thing about decorating your table is that you don’t have to fill your house with bunnies or chicks. You can just use what you have and get a bit creative. Twigs and plants from the garden. My absolute favourite is bulbs in jars and lots and lots of daffodils.

Easter trees

We all know that I also appreciate a nice Easter tree. This is made from willow branches, cherry blossoms or any branches that I can spray paint white or pastel colours. Then you just hang them with decorations.

This Easter we are writing a few different blogs on activities and makes. Hopefully, this will inspire you this Easter. You can create and make with your family no matter the weather!

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