A Green Easter – is it possible?

Having a green Easter is it possible? Well, we have a few suggestions on making minor changes to help impact the environment. Making tiny changes is all that matters. You shouldn’t feel guilty about decisions you have to make based on time availability or budget. Sometimes we splurge when we don’t need to but as long as we reuse and recycle then you are doing your bit.

The Egg

Okay, so if you are lucky you will get an easter egg or lots of small little ones wrapped in foil. When it comes to picking a greener egg you can do two things. First, you can select an organic egg. The chocolate will be just as yummy but the fairtrade chocolate is better all round. However, if you don’t have lots of money and also have lots of children to treat, this may not be a viable option for you. Most companies are getting better with their packaging and plastics so you don’t need to feel so guilty about the waste. Generally, you can buy eggs with minimal wasteful packaging. Lots can be done with leftover cardboard, such as mask-making.

We’ve included an infographic on the Easter Egg packaging recycling, just so you can see what can and can’t be recycled.

Easter Egg Packaging recycling infographic from Which?
Easter Egg Packaging recycling infographic from Which?

I like to think I am doing my bit by buying kinder eggs and bunnies wrapped in foil. I’m not, I’m just eating the chocolate that is my favourite but the packaging is better for the environment which does make me feel like I’m doing my bit!

If you want a complete alternative why not bake some gorgeous sugar cookies and coat them in gorgeous icing, or better yet, get the kids involved and let them decorate them.

Green Easter Recyclable Basket
Recyclable & Reusable Basket

The Hunt

Let’s face is we live in rainy Britain. Sometimes all we can use is plastic because it won’t dissolve in front of our eyes. The way to have a less environmental impact is to reuse these plastic eggs year after year. just make sure your store them in something clearly labelled so it’s not a mad dash to Poundland the morning of the hunt.

The basket you can buy made from natural materials for almost the same price as the plastic or faux felt ones. As these cant be recycled then maybe going for a naturally made basket would be better. But again, don’t fret as long as you reuse your plastic basket year after year then you are still helping the environment.

Green Easter crafts

Green Easter Crafts

If you need to make bonnets and other crafts try staying away from non-biodegradable glitter and plastic flowers. If you make all your crafts out of paper then generally it can all be recycled. (We have lots of materials perfect for green crafting here.)

Decorating eggs is still a wonderful tradition either blowing them first or boiling and decorating. It’s an environmentally great tradition and there are so many ways you can decorate your eggs. If you want any inspiration of Easter Crafts then stay tuned we have lots of tips and tricks coming.

So can you have a green Easter?

Yes of course

It’s just little steps. For example, our little chicks are the same ones we used last year. They have a little box that they came in and they will go back in that after Easter is over. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t make greener choices but just think about the impact that all that plastic and excess paper are having on the environment.

Making things you can bring out every year is also a nice tradition that helps the environment and creates wonderful memories.

Lets us know what greener changes you are making this year.

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