Murray Marvels’ Travel Art Materials

Travel art materials are of a certain interest to me as I am off on my honeymoon soon and I am taking limited art supplies in order to draw whilst I am out there. I have also challenged myself to 12 drawings and painting that I would be proud enough to sell. Limiting yourself to a few art supplies can be a challenge in itself. Finding the perfect sketchbook has been by far the trickiest thing so far and I am still not sure that I have the right size. Somewhere between an A6 and A5 would be perfect!

But this isn’t about me and my travel stash. This is about Murray’s.

So let me introduce Murray, he has been a loyal customer and friend to Crafty Arts for many years. He has written a very thorough blog for us that we will be releasing in the spring. So when we asked him if he travels with art materials, we already knew it was a yes!

“Yes I travel with some of my Art Materials. If I’m flying, my hand luggage case contents consist of a large amount of Art Materials, them being;

What I like to take

  • A4 Multimedia Sketch Pad
  • A4 or A3 Pad of my chosen surface to suit.
  • Full Box Set Caran d’Ache Luminance Pencils.
  • Derwent Pencil Wrap containing Mechanical Pencils of various lead widths and grades plus refills
  • Tombow Mechanical Erasers (round and rectangular) plus refills
  • Various size blending stumps and tortillions
  • Copic, Derwent or Faber Castell Fineliners of various widths
  • Brush Pens in Black, White and Sepia
  • a Maped metal pencil sharpener (best reliable small handheld sharpener available in my opinion) Ours too, they don’t make them any more!
  • Caran d’Ache Hexagonal Pencil Extender
  • Derwent Battery Operated Eraser and refill
  • Sanding Block.

If I’m travelling by car and know I’ll have the opportunity to do some artwork, I’ll have a medium-sized lightweight material sports bag containing all the above and I’ll add the Winsor and Newton 45 half pan Watercolour Set and some Winsor and Newton Kolinsky brushes, Arches Pad, 2 Faber Castell pop up water pots and a few cleaning rags.

I usually put all my Watercolour products into a Jullian wooden box and sometimes add some Winsor and Newton Inks. As I don’t like to limit myself I sometimes have additional brushes, pens and nibs for good measure.

brush pen travel art material
Ecoline Brush Pens – One of Murray’s essentials for art when travelling

In summary

Being a Multimedia Artist, if possible, I like to have options and enjoy a few relaxing hours with a glass of my favourite tipple and just create whatever is in front of me that takes my interest, or from one of my own photographs from my image reference library or an image from a Royalty Free Image site. There’s always an opportunity to create 😁.

Hopefully, Murray has inspired you to travel with your art supplies. we like the idea that you should be inspired by anything, practising your art is more important than what you are drawing.

I think we should challenge him to pick just 10 items and see how he gets on. This will be in another blog!

Bye for now

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