A Very Romantic Homemade Valentine’s Day

Okay, I am going to be mushy here and we all know I don’t really do mushy but here goes. For this Valentine’s day, I am going to make an effort. I still don’t believe in spending lots of money or going out to a restaurant that costs a fortune on this one day.

No, this Valentine’s, as my first married valentines I am going all out, you name it, I’m doing it. Reds and Pinks ( a colour combo I really appreciate) is the theme I’m going with

In the theme of home-made, this year we’re home making our Valentine’s Cards: you can learn more about that here.

The Table

Firstly, although I am not the biggest roses fan I am partial to the odd tea rose and pretty pink tea roses are super sweet and romantic. I will dress the table with these in a vase with my roses in ( I am missing my cactus however!)

Pale pink table cloth and hand dyed napkins. oh yes, I dyed them myself. These are actually from my wedding so they mean a wee bit more to us. I have tied them with a red ribbon which I love and they will sit on our plates. I wish I have nice white plates but I don’t and I love my M&S ones and I am not buying plates, just for Valentine’s day.

*secretly goes on to research pretty plates for valentines day*

Let’s face it, the easiest way to make Valentines romantic is to cover the room in candles and because we have lots leftover from the wedding I won’t have to go out and buy them. Hopefully, I won’t set fire to anything. I will also pop a bottle of Champagne in the fridge. Gavin’s favourite is a blend of Cognac and Champagne that you can’t buy in the UK. We have two bottles left so why not drink it on Valentine’s day.

I am going to keep it simple and just do a starter, main course and a pudding. I want to be able to prepare all the course in advance so I have time to sit drink and chat.

If I had a local fishmonger I may be tempted to buy oysters but that would be a bit mean as Gavin hates them so as this if for my husband it has to be something he likes.

The Valentine’s Meal


It is February so it’s going to be a cold and cosy evening.

For the starter: camembert bread, and a vegan option of Cauliflower fritters with dips.

To me, the starter is all about sharing and dipping so we have going to have some fun here. Although not vegan, I do want to cut down my meat consumption and cauliflower is such a versatile with a dense texture, it lends itself well as a plant based meat substitute.

Baked Camembert bread with a side of Cauliflower fritters

Main course

For us, it had to be Mexican food for the main course

Oh how I love Mexican food. So, I am thinking a bowl of homemade guacamole, a bowl of fresh sala with lots of different tomatoes, yum. This is making me hungry. I love a taco, it’s my favourite but because its a three-course meal I need something I can throw in the oven whilst we chat and eat our starter. So we are having chicken burritos. If I want to make it vegan it’s easy: generally, tortillas themselves are vegan, so just remove the meat, cheese and sour cream from your meal and try adding just the salsa and Quorn mince or make your own mine from red and black beans with mashed chickpeas.

You will still have tasty guacamole and onions to add more depth to your food and if you want an oven-baked burrito then maybe try a vegan enchilada sauce instead. Refried beans and spicy rice add more choice to a pick and mix meal.


Hmm, I would rather have a cheese board then dessert unless there are my two favourites, tiramisu and creme brulee. But as I am being mushy I was thinking chocolate mouse. Easy to make, tastes great and I can leave it chilling in the fridge and serve it directly.

Lazy Cat Kitchens Vegan Mousse

Now with all this work, I am putting into this meal I can’t lie to you. I may just buy the mousse. Marks and Spenser will definitely not let me down, plus they will put it into two cute containers that I will end up keeping for storage or as water jars ( because I need more). Then I have even less to plan. If you would like a vegan option then the Lazy Cat Kitchen has one with lots of great reviews.

A Perfect Romantic evening

We will finish our evening curled up on the couch watching my favourite romantic film The Village. Yes, the creepy one about a monster killing animals in a village. The love story between Joaquin Pheonix and Bryce Dallas Howard is my favourite. I love it.

We will be stuffed and happy with our little pooch between us snoring away. Thats as Romantic as we get folks!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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