Valentine’s Day: Gifting our hearts to the Earth

Its time to think a little greener when it comes to spending your money. We all know when it comes to Valentine’s Day I am not a fan. So the idea of gifting it to the Earth or just making small changes to help our environmental impact pleases me immensely. So below is just a few ideas to help you gift our hearts to the Earth.

Make an edible Valentine’s Day gift

When it comes to food I am all in and I love an edible valentine. Biscuits, yes please! Chocolate? well if you must. Truffles are super easy to make and look beautiful. If you want to go super fancy you can cover them in freeze-dried strawberries or even better 24-carat gold. This is an option for an edible valentine. Check out one our favourites here:

But if you are not so hot at coming up with ideas….

There is also chocolate or cooking classes you can do together and experience something that you can keep forever. A recipe or experience is a wonderful gift. You can cook them their favourite meal or just try something new. Making an effort is what it is all about. Or better yet get their favourite recipe printed out and put in a frame so that they can see how much you appreciate how much work you put into their food. A keepsake they can treasure forever and not for just one day. You could get a deep frame and fill with confetti hearts , pom-poms or for a personal touch, make your own mini origami hearts.

My favourite Valentine’s idea

My favourite idea is not to give them flowers but a pot plant or bulbs so they can watch it grow. Okay, so not everyone thinks that cactuses are romantic but I do. A plant is good for your health as it puts lots of oxygen in the air. It also ( hopefully) will last longer than a week or two if you are lucky. You may have that beautiful plant for years rather than a bunch of flowers that will eventually wilt. If you really like roses then what about gifting a mini rose bush that comes in one of those cute tins. When it comes to gifts the majority of people prefer thought to price so invest in your relationship and get them something they want. It’s a bonus if it helps the environment too. For a personal touch, why not decorate with twine and labels of things you plan to do this year, or goals you have.

We have already mentioned an experience instead of a teddy bear or something they don’t actually need.

Be practical. If your partner is an artist or crafter why not get them something that they actually need for their collection? A tube of paint or some new pencils or brushes (hint hint). As a nation, we are getting less wasteful with our purchases, and surely romance is listening to your partner and treating them to something they want and will use.

Or is that just me?

Potted plant gift for Valentine's Day
Give plants with a long life span that you can nurture together

Eat for the Planet

Whether you eat meat for every meal, have milk in every drink or sauce, or only eat it sometimes, all meat and dairy has an impact on the worlds resources. Eating for the planet is about how we can more effectively, sustainably and educatedly consume these resources. Like with any diet it’s all about moderation. The world’s population is estimated to reach over nine billion people by 2050. That is a lot of mouths to feed and we all understand that we are far too callous with our meat consumption. Meat should be sourced sustainably and as ethically as we can and we should know where it comes from. We need to take a serious look at our food choices.

These are the facts

  • It takes one acre of land to produce 250 pounds of beef
  • The same amount of land can produce over 30,000 pounds of carrots or 53,000 pounds of potatoes.

By eating less meat, we can also help fight climate change, reduce our water footprint, reduce pollution, and prevent further habitat destruction and species extinction.

You can #EatForThePlanet starting today

  1. Replace: Try to swap animal-based products in your daily diet with vegan alternatives; such as using oat or soya milk; changing butter to olive spread; cutting out mayonnaise or sourcing a vegan alternative (we recommend Hellmans Vegan Mayo); home-making cashew cheese and many more.
  2. Research: Reach out to your local vegan facebook group, check your local supermarkets free-from section or scour pinterest for plant-based recipes.
  3. Embrace: Add plant-based whole foods (local and organic when possible) to your diet like greens, fresh fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, plant proteins like lentils, nuts/seeds, beans, tofu, etc.
  4. Moderate: Limit consumption of your favourite meats like beef, lamb, pork, etc

The problem a lot of people face is that buying alternatives costs money, buying sustainable anything costs money! So don’t feel guilty it is better to buy local then it is organic with a massive carbon footprint on it. An avocado grown in Mexico is hardly better than beef bred in Scotland!

Just make small steps, every bit helps. And don’t feel guilty if you can’t do all of them. Even trying is helping towards creating a better evironment for the future. I don’t feel guilty over my meat and dairy intake because I love food. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t eat vegetarian food. I only buy UK free-range or organic eggs. I don’t eat beef every week but I don’t feel guilty when I do.

So for Valentine’s day why not treat them to a vegan meal you can go to a nice restaurant or better yet make it at home.

Valentine's Day card

The last Valentine’s Day card

So cards huh, a big old waste of paper, trees, water but make someone smile and some people keep them for years. I will never be an advocate for a Valentine’s Day email or text. Even I am not that unromantic. How about instead of a card we make one, the last one. Using a notebook, decorate the front like its a card. Either a very intricate paper masterpiece using dies and glues or is hand-painted just by you. Then each year we write a letter in the notebook.

So all those memories and thoughts of love are in one place creating the last valentines day card. I am going to make this for Gavin and see what he thinks. You can put it out on display every year. You can put silly photos in it or better yet you can both write in it so all your letters are together. Without sound too cheesy its like writing your own love story, together. Ick.

This Valentine’s day why not gift your heart to the earth?

It’s just about making use of what you have. Valentines becomes more and more commercial each year and this year, we want to give our hearts back to the earth..

Feel free to tag us on social with your home-made Valentines this year, we always love to see your creations.

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