Pantone Colour of the Year: Classic Blue

Pantone Colour Of the Year is ‘Classic Blue’ and it feels right especially for January. Classic blues has been creeping into our homes for the last few years. It is wonderful to see it in pride of place as the Official Pantone Colour of 2020. We can look forward to seeing it more in our homes, fashion and design work.

But how much will it affect our arts and crafts? Only time will tell.

Pantones Offical Classic Blue Announcement
Pantones Offical Classic Blue Announcement

January Blues is a real thing

Its winter, Christmas is gone, the buildup has been replaced with feeling blue. But rather than fight it, we really should embrace it. This time of year is barren, stark and grey but we call it the blues? Blue is such a joyful colour and something we see less of in January. Fewer daylight hours affects a variety of neurochemicals inside the brain. Without light, the body produces more melatonin and causes a decrease in energy. So during winter if you are feeling sluggish its natural.

Joan Miró Figures at Night Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails

(Classic) Blue Inspiration

Lots of artists have been inspired by the colour blue and focused on it. It was often a subject in Joan Miro’s work. The most famous blue painting has to be Yves Kleine blue, but as this is not the same as the classic blue I thought we could showcase Pamela Rosenkranz work instead. A rather humorous or humourless ( depending on your interpretation) of his work by a modern artist. Blue isn’t a colour I am naturally drawn to but we will see if this colours ebbs its way into my sketchbook.

Death of Yves Klein 2011 by Pamela Rosenkranz

Pantone Classic blue is a confident colour, will it help us get out of our January blues? Will it brighten up our arts and crafts?

We will see.

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Just a selection of serene blues we stock

Classic Blue Creations

I think the thing we are most excited for is using the Natural History Museum ‘Into the Blue’ printed papers for our next paper creation. What should we make?

Set let’s forget the greyness of January and embrace these calming blues. What are you going to create? We’ve got visions of ethereal sea-scapes, starry night skies, and beautiful bluebells. Make sure to share your #CraftyPantone creations with us, we can’t wait to see what you create.

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