Nostalgic toys: Maybe this one is better for the adults!

Nostalgic toys: Maybe this one is better for the adults!! I am not joking if your children have used this in the summer its time to get it out and use it at your Christmas parties!

When I was younger I really really wanted a Mr Frosty maker, I am pretty sure it was on my Santa list for a few years but I never got it. When I say they had released it the inner child in me longs for a Mr Frosty. Perfect for Summer cones and ideal for mocktails ay Christmas.

Mocktails for the kids and cocktails for the adults? I am starting to think that Mr Frosty deserves a place at all our dinner parties from now on!


1 lime
1 tsp brown sugar
small handful mint
leaves, plus extra sprig to serve
60ml rum
Lemonade ( sorry but I prefer it) or Cranberry Juice if you want a Christmas one?

Crush the brown sugar and have a cut-up lime together. Then squeeze in the rest of the juice of the lime for freshness The mint needs to be bruised as well but not to the same degree as you don’t want tiny bits floating around in your drink.

If you are making this for the kids or non-drinkers then just leave out the rum- it is still a gorgeous drink.

Place into a glass and mix with the ice. Then pour over your rum, I don’t mind white or dark spicy rum, it depends what you want from your mojito just make sure it’s not too vanillary. Top up with lemonade ( I like it sweet but traditionally it is soda water) and stir!

Add mint and a slice of lime to garnish.

When in doubt I order a Mojito, any time of the year! If you wanted you could add a candy cane to garnish and make it a bit more Christmassy and the mint would work!

Mosco mule

50ml vodka
crushed ice
150-200ml ginger beer
few dashes of ginger bitters
Sprig of mint and wedge of lime

Okay so I will be honest I have metal mugs for vodka drinks! We do love our cocktails there is no denying it. We even have a smoking machine to add something to our whiskey drinks.

This is an easy cocktail to add the vodka ginger beer and ginger bitters, stir gently add the crushed ice and stir again. Serve with the mint and slice of lime.

Perfect. I love a Moscow mule!

Mr Frosty helping us make delicious Cocktails


40ml gin
20ml sugar syrup
20ml lemon juice
10ml crème de mure
Blackberry for garnish

Another firm favourite. It wouldn’t be a cocktail list without a gin cocktail in it. You get to use your cocktail shaker in this one! Add all the ingredients together shake, shake, shake. Pour over the ice and garnish with the blackberry!

Mr Frosty a Nostalgic Toy perfect for the whole family!

You can create any crushed ice cocktail maker, but you could get your guested to crush there own ice while you are stirring or shaking their drinks together. Making cocktails can be quite lonely so this is a great way to get your guests involved in the drinks process!

Mr Frosty is welcome at all my dinner parties from now on!

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