20 Minute Indoor Christmas Wreath

This is such a simple indoor Chrsitmas wreath, it takes only a few items and 20 minutes of your day. You will have enough materials left from the wreath to make another and it’s all under a tenner!

You will need:

  • Wire cutters, secateurs or kitchen scissors
  • Rafia covered wire
  • Gold berries on wire
  • Fir branch
  • Any other Christmas bits and bobs you want to add

That’s it. That’s all you need. This craft wire is 10 meters long so if you wanted to make it fuller then you just keep wrapping it around. I made my circle out of the rafia wire and then began to wrap the wire around and around the first loop. This creates an almost plait effect on it and helps keep the shape. There are loose bits and tight bits but because of the colour of the rafia it looks like willow but without the price tag. I only cut it when I was finished wrapping.

Simple materials

Getting Started

Cut some pieces off your fir branch. As this is an evergreen it will last for the whole of Christmas but make sure you don’t hang it near heat or it will wilt. Start anywhere its a circle it won’t matter. I pointed my greens out and worked my way in. Then I used the wire berries to attach the fir and add a focal point. I like grouping the different size berries together. You can use a glue gun to secure everything I just didn’t feel the need to. After I dropped it on the floor and it stayed together it felt secure enough for me.

Floristry Lessons

When you make a wreath of lay flowers you put your first one down then when you add the next on to lay it further down so they overlap. So I worked backwards as I would in any wreath so that the fir rests over each mini branch. The smell is so wonderful I highly recommend using real fir branches. If you pick an evergreen plant then you know it won’t wilt too fast, eucalyptus would also be a sweet alternative.

I was a bit naughty and used the wire cutters to cut the branches but it worked.

Filling point

Then I worked from the other direction and met at a point so that the stalks touched each other. This meant that I could step back and see how the composition of the wreath looked. Was it full enough, too many gold berries or not enough? If I could see the wire this was the perfect place that I could fill it up.I wanted it to look sweet rather than too full and although I could have doubled the amount of greenery I wanted to keep it simple.


This was a really quick Christmas make. I thoroughly enjoyed making this quick wreath and the possibilities are endless. Later on I may try and make some mini wreaths for decorating the table or a fuller one. I think the beauty of this is that you can see the rafia rather than its a full wreath.

It is delicate and beautiful.

What Christmas Crafting are you attempting this year?

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