Printing your own wrapping paper

Printing your own wrapping paper is ridiculously satisfying. This year I am trying to be more conscientious so I won’t be having plastic shiny paper or glitter ones as they end up in the bin. Glitter and shiny paper cant be recycled. I will use up what I bought last year.

Loving colour at Christmas doesn’t mean I have always prefered brown wrap anyway, I like pretty ribbons and using decorations instead of tags. Trying to be mindful just exacerbates my inner hoarder so I don’t care. I save my ribbons ( I have a ribbon box) and if the paper is gorgeous I save that too. I don’t mind reusing gift bags and papers its better for the environment and if saves money.

You really don’t need much to get started. I used a large potato and cut it up into 3s so I could make 3 medium size stamps. Our them this Christma sis silent night Holy night so I was thinking greens and blues for colours. I knew I wanted a simple Shapes so I chose trees and stars.

You will need:

  • Work with a surface you don’t mind getting messy
  • Craft knife
  • Brown paper rolls
  • Watercolour pencil
  • Brush
  • Acrylic paints
  • (Something to wrap, scissors, sellotape and ribbon for wrap)

Cutting is simple and if you make a mistake then you just cut that layer off and start again.

Once you have cut your designs you need to practice for a bit. you can use a piece of brown paper to do this on or anything you have. I had some old envelopes that I can now keep.

Make and reuse.

I practised how to apply the paint and also how much pressure to apply. lastly, which print was the best. I found my third print was always the best and my fourth the worst but it’s just about playing and finding out what works for you.

potato printing

Wrapping paper

Then I went straight to the roll and started printing. I printed, my trees, just the stars and then I even printed on a parcel that was already wrapped ( I wouldn’t advise this unless the present is wrapped in plastic first). It was so much fun and when the twins (my niece and nephew) are older I will enjoy printing with them.

There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to printing. You can also use just normal stamps if you don’t want to use potato prints. you could just buy different ink pads and stamp away.

Change the colours and you get a whole new print!

This is just a really sweet way of being a bit greener this Christmas, using materials you may already have and crafting something you can be proud.

What will you be making this Christmas?

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