Adding Luminance to your pencil drawings

Sorry for the pun but I couldn’t help it. Today I will be writing about luminance pencils and how they really do add luminance to your pencil drawings.

We all know I am a huge fan of Caran D’ache, I just rate them as incredible pencils with unmatched quality.

Luminance 6901

Let’s talk about the actual pencils

The pencil are lusciously thick and creamy with a 3.8mm core. This is a wax-based pencil range and although when laying down the colour it is thick and creamy, the core is not ridiculously soft and holds a fine point.

Applying your pencils to paper is a luxury experience due to the softcore that doesn’t disappear with every stroke. You will feel that you don’t waste anything with this pencil.

These pencils are lightfast which means your masterpiece will not fade in years to come.

My pencils

Would you recommend?

Well, let’s see what our artists had to say about them.

” Incredible pencils. These are to use the term in a better manner “Weapons of mass Creations”. The pinnacle of Coloured Pencils and some. I use a vast array of Caran d’Ache products, as I safely know I can have 100% faith in them giving me total control.

The Luminance just strengthens that faith. They come in an amazing colour range of the creamy pigments and if used correctly, lightly laying down the pigment, they’ll surprisingly hold a good point, not over blunting or worse still snapping. Plus the ability to blend and mix with ease and freedom, giving a near endless colour palette.

I’ve also found they work well with the Faber Castell Polychromos. In fact, they complement and blend with each other perfectly. The best of both worlds you could say. ” Murray

“These are the most beautiful colour pencils. Yes, they do cost a lot but they are just about the best pencils you can buy in the UK. They come really well packaged in a very sturdy box and the colour range is wonderful

If you are serious about colour pencil drawing then I would definitely recommend these.” Wendy

These are well used!

So are they worth the money?

Yes, quite frankly good tools can really help with your drawings but coloured pencils take such patience and skill. So if you are just colouring in doodles then this is a super expensive pencil set. However, if you are serious about your drawings then these are an investment.

It’s up to you how you value them.

If you are going to use them and develop your skill then yes I would encourage to buy these beautiful pencils.

There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching brands. There is also nothing wrong with preferring other pencils. As creators, we all have our favourite tools.

What are your favourite pencils?

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