Inktober: Halfway through

To be honest with you, the whole process of sharing my sketches with you is fairly daunting. We are halfway through the Inktober challenge and it has been, well, challenging.

I do like a challenge, don’t get me wrong.

31 days of drawing is a challenge

It’s very exposing

Putting your work out there, and not my best work either just quick sketches and 2-minute drawings makes me feel exposed. That people will look at them and judge me and my work. Some have taken me twenty minutes to draw, most a few minutes. With only one exception I wouldn’t have shared my drawings with any with anyone.

Because they are not complete.

They are not finished and not perfect or at least perfect enough for me to show you.
This is not my best work. I don’t want anyone to think it is!

But the whole point is to get you to be creative. To get you working to a plan and working within a short time span. I pride myself on my ability to draw but what I am showing you is not my best work. I have an Instagram where I take photos of my house or my plants you will barely see any art on it. But when it is on there its because I am really proud of it.

I feel exposed.

The Prompts

Some of the prompts I have really struggled with and some I have looked forward to only to be let down by my drawing. Sticking to a brief does make it easier though and I know that when I take it on next year it will be even easier.

Drawings take time, skill and patience but this is a 31- day challenge so time I don’t have. Let’s face it I am not going to go back and finish my drawings.

Am I even enjoying it?

Yes, I really am. Drawing every day is making sure that I am Being Creative Daily which is something we really believe in here!

I am treating the challenge as an exercise in drawing. this is really going to improve my skills. Perhaps what I should do it focus on one of the prompts and draw it out to show you the difference of what I can actually do and what I have shown you.

Even writing this is humbling.

I have prepped the next few drawings on post-it notes so at least I don’t have to spend ages trying to plan them. So I will stick to the brief and stick to my sketch ideas and we will see how I get on.

I was most excited about the dragon but she didn’t come out right so I will focus on the new sketches!

If you are taking part don’t lose faith. This is not a judgement on your work ( although it kind of feels like it is) You will only improve if you keep practising.

Also you can still join in at any point when it comes to the competition. We are selecting one image from the whole month and you can win over £60 worth of art materials!

There is still time to get involved, and if you’re not sure where to start, why not try our firm favourite, Sakura: tried and tested by us. Just £6.99 this week (offer ends 14/10/19)

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