Half Marathon: Our first one. We Did It!

So, we did it! We just completed the challenge of running our first Half Marathon.

It really was a challenge for all of us.

We all agreed we needed to train more but we were really lucky, with the weather and with the community spirit. The crowds cheering you on really does make you feel great, it also forces you not to walk because you don’t want to let them down, even if you are tired and just need a minute.  I think we would all agree that having our team support was really helpful. It bonded us and it gave us a goal. When it comes to running, it is a lonely sport. You are out there by yourself and the only person you want to beat is yourself.

Personal Goals

We all set ourselves personal goals and I am pretty sure we all hit them. A time in our heads that ideally, we would like to hit. Our main goal was just to finish the race but we also had something on the side-lines as well. We had a great face painter supplied by Snazaroo and a Tombola set up. So on the day, we raised a further £74 on the day which is great news.

We all set off knowing that we were not going to run together. I didn’t have music but everyone else did. I just wanted to focus on the track which only had a few muddy parts and because there was no pressure we all got to enjoy ourselves.

Seeing that finish line and knowing that it would soon end was a great feeling.

We all ran, we all struggled and we all finished it. Jackie who said from the get-go she was going to walk it actually jogged most of it. Jon who had done no training at all ran the fastest so none of us are speaking to him right now. Kidding (sort of!). We all complained of sore feet, aching joints and legs turning to jelly.


Jacqui running the half marathon

The End of the Half Marathon

We were all starving!

The race provided water and bananas so we had some sustenance just after we ran. We all had very wobbly legs due to the tiredness and getting up after sitting down was a struggle. Jay took us out for a massive roast that we all struggled to eat then we all went to our separate homes for a long soak and a nap.

Running is tiring.

Would we do it again


Will we sign up next year?

Probably, we have times to beat now!

Dana running the half marathon
Jon before the Half Marathon

The Next Day

Ow just ow, stairs are not your friends and muscles are sore. Some of us are bruised, but generally, we are all okay. We are laughing at our stiff movements and groans.

Just because we have completed our first half Marathon doesn’t mean you can’t still donate!

Tash, Jon and Dana -  celebrating their Half Marathon times
Tash, Jon and Dana – celebrating their Half Marathon times

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