Autumn Crafting

Autumn is definitely here, the trees are turning into gorgeous shades. The nights are darker. The heating is sporadically on and hot drinks have replaced ice-cold glasses of water. Yes, these crafts are ideal for all year round but there is something about creating them for Autumn.

Making things bright and cosy!

Mandala Rock Painting

Rock painting

Yes, you can do this all year round but now that the garden is starting look bare again. Perhaps by painting plant pots and hand painting rocks, you can add a bit more colour to your garden. You can use acrylic paints if you have a large area to cover.

If you just have a few bits to draw then why not try out posca pens?

They can be used on pretty much any surface but you can do fine points as well as cover large areas.

  • Head to the beach and pick up some large flat stones
  • Simply paint a background
  • Add your details
  • Use pens or paints in layers
  • Let them dry before you add another layer

Candle making

One of the best things about dark nights is creating a cosy atmosphere in the sitting room.

Your family gathers around with cushions blankets and sometimes you get to light the candles and fill the house with gorgeous smells. Or, maybe, you just like the flickering light. We can all agree on it may be too warm to turn the fire on but candlelight is a great replacement.

Our heating is on at night but not in the mornings and I have to hold my hand up and admit to buying a few Leather and Tobacco scented candles. I haven’t lit them yet but I love smelling them.

We have a huge range of candle making kits to get you started

Autumn Harvest

Nothing screams autumn more than the harvest festival. When schools and churches ask for donations and children bring in fresh veg and canned goods which are distributed to the community. Pumpkins, gourdes swashes come into our homes but stay out on display rather than getting chopped up and served with the Sunday roast or in a sumptuous stew or soup.

This pumpkin on my mantlepiece is ending up in a stew! I keep reading about the amount of waste heading to the dump and I don’t like it. So we are going to eat it.

Pinterest and Instagram have gone wild for pumpkins and not ones with scary faces but gold silver and sparkly white ones. They like paper mache pumpkins covered in sequins and glitter so we thought perhaps you would like to see a pretty grown-up autumn pumpkin rather than a scary one.


Autumn may not be something you celebrate but it is something you prepare for. Extra blankets on the bed and comfy warmer clothes for lounging around ( if you get to do that!)

Our Favourite Autumn Crafts are:

  • Knitting
  • Candle making
  • Cardmaking ( Christmas is almost here)
  • Rock painting ( it’s small and less messy)
  • Pumpkin painting
  • Leaf cutting

What are you making this Autumn?

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