Inktober: The Competition

As you might have seen in our Autumn blog, we are going to be doing Inktober this year and we want you to join us. Throughout the month of October, we will be looking for our favourite Inktober submissions from you all and at the end of the month, one of your will win our Inktober challenge. The winner will receive the below bundle – worth over £60!

Inktober bundle
What you could win….

Inktober: The Rules

The rules are simple: you follow a brief and you have to draw a doodle from it every day. Some people create masterpieces and others just something simple. We think we will be somewhere inbetween.

The official prompt list

How To Enter

Entering the competition is easy, simply:

  • Upload your Inktober drawing to Instagram using the hashtag #craftyartsdraws
  • Each day we will look through for our favourite ones and enter your username into our draw
  • On November 1st, we will select a username from our draw as our winner.
  • Your username will only be entered once into our draw.
  • Competition starts October 1st and finishes October 31st
  • Winner will be annouced November 1st

That’s it! It is as easy as that. We can’t wait to see your creations!

Happy Inking!

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