Autumn, our favourite time of year: time for a new challenge

We had a bit of a funny summer, lots of sunny days but a fair few days of MEH. Autumn is our favourite time of year. It’s the calm before the storm that is Christmas. So, although at work we are busy little bees, we are looking forward to cosy nights and bright cold days. Autumn is the perfect season. Even more perfect is the amount of autumnal arts and crafts projects that we can get started on.

Knitting and leaf art – is there anything more Autumnal?

Let’s Get Cosy

The heating is starting to go on, the coffee breaks are becoming more frequent. The lunches are changing from salads and sandwiches to all thing hot and scrummy. Yes, the nights are darker but we get to home and light candles and maybe put the fire on. All the blankets that have been stored away all summer are getting washed and aired. The thicker duvet joins our beds once again.

I look at my knitting that I want to attempt this time of year and plan a few scarves to whip up in the evenings. They will probably end up as starter projects that I will never finish. but I enjoy the process. Selecting wool and colours. I am drawn to everything maroon and burgandy at the moment. it is definitely my favourite trend colour. Even my new Bullet journal is in that colour.

Look at our previous blogs for some knitting inspiration…

Colours of the Season

The trees are magnificent in Autumn, the colours of gold amber, brown-red oh, I am in heaven. It makes me want to get the watercolours out and try and capture the colours of this amazing season. As the leaves fall off the trees, I can’t help but pick them to start creating amazing art with them. We’ve even got leaf art tutorials for children. It’s amazing the inspiration you can get from nature.

I am going to challenge myself to Inktober this year

Have you ever tried to do a monthly challenge? I have written 30 blogs in 30 days challenge then fell down at an Instagram challenge. It was too much to try and do with all my wedding nonsense I was organising. So I have tried two and failed one, not bad odds. Maybe the trick will be to do another and see how I go.

Being a creative type, Inktober is a firm favourite of mine, and everyone here at Crafty Arts. The rules are simple: you follow a brief and you have to draw a doodle from it every day. Some people create masterpieces and others just something simple. I think I will be somewhere in between. We’re also running our first Inktober competition this year and we are really excited. You can learn more about this competition below.


Obviously I am going to have to buy some new materials but I have limited myself and the only colour will come in the shape of the glitter gel pens. This still looks like a lot of materials but I don’t want to get stuck. I will have to do a bit of planning because drawing each day will mean I have to focus on it, I am putting my sketches out there so I don’t want them to look rubbish although I am sure some will be rushed like with every challenge.

Competition Time!

We really would love you to join in so if you do any illustrations during Inktober. Please use the hashtag #craftyartsdraws so we can see your images. We will repost them on our Instagram stories each day and our favourite will win the materials photographed below. That’s over £60 of drawing materials.

October at Crafty Arts

We are excited and ready for the autumn and we have a lot of things planned for October.

  • 1st October: Inktober
  • 7th & 12th October: Bill Newtons Watercolour classes
  • 8th October: Shema Abstract Acrylic Class
  • 19th October: Sarahs Card Making Class
  • 21st October: Half Term Workshops

We also have all our After School Clubs and Home Education classes beginning.

We look forward to seeing your autumnal creations.

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