Docrafts x Natural History Museum: What Else Can You Do With Printed Paper

Natural History Museum has collaborated with Docrafts to create the most incredible printed paper. Printed paper, from the National History Museum. Could it get any better?

I am a bit of a fan of everything Natural History Museum. I remember being a little girl looking up at the giant blue whale suspended over my head. My brother was, of course, obsessed with Dippy the dipolosaurus. Now I just love every part of the Natural History Museum and what they do.

At the Natural History Museum

You can do movie experiences, have sleepovers there. Get married, go ice-skating or have meetings. The architecture inside and out is absolutely stunning. I love using it in movies and TV shows.


These printed papers are absolutely stunning. Don’t let the card makers have all the fun with them. As a paper crafter, I get really excited about these prints. I want to coat my whole house in everything Natural history Museum.

Docrafts suggested a few ideas that we could explore a wee bit more.

Natural History Museum printed papers

Into The Blue – available in 6×6 or 12×12

Create a picture

You can pick box frames up from anywhere and all you have to do it cut and build out a picture which is what you can see here. You need to be good with a craft knife and patiently cut around the shapes. My tip will all paper cutting is if you have to press hard then your blade is too blunt. A shape knife will always cut easily.

Always use a cutting mat to protect your table.

Scissors are also an option but I find that you can damage papers more easily with scissors.

Candle decor using 'Natures Geometry' 12x12 printed paper

Candle decor using Natures Geometry 12×12 printed paper

Candle Votive Decorations

These beautiful papers deserve to be displayed. you could incorporate a bit of paper folding or just cut them out and layer them on top of each other. This is giving me lots of dinner party ideas.

You can decorate pretty much anything with any paper, in this image they have got inspiration from the geometry pints and layered them up. Because it is outside the candle you don’t need to worry about the heat and the paper. But do make sure your paper is a good centimetre from the top for good measure.


Framed pictures using 'From The Archives' and 'Hot Tropics'

Framed pictures using ‘From The Archives’ and ‘Hot Tropics’ printed paper set

Printed Paper Frames

So honestly some of these prints are so beautiful you could just frame them straight away without having to do anything to them. Decorative printed paper in a frame as a quick way to refresh a hallway without spending too much money.

You could also cut them out and piece them together like the image. Very simple and very creative. You cut out Initials and use it as nursery decor. Or if you have a Cricut vinyl machine you could always cut out a quote and attach that to the glass at the front. It is a cheap and colourful way of adding colour and print to your home.


Gift bags using 'Hot Tropics' printer paper

Gift bags using “Hot Tropics” printer paper

Gift bags

How sweet are these?!

The trick to a cute gift bag is to keep it simple. You don’t need a complicated shape to make one and we have attached a few downloadable templates if you fancy trying out a gift bag.

Make whatever you like. Gift wrap is supposed to be bright so if you want to, put a parrot or a diver surrounded by fish on it. The receiver of the gift will love it and love the effort you went to create it and using printed papers is a genius way to create something unique. Every time.

In summary

The papers has limitless possibilities. So choose the ones you love and show us how you used them.



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