Drawing for Beginners: Don’t Hold Yourself back

Drawing is a skill and what puts beginners off continuing to learn is self-doubt. Yes, some people are naturally gifted and can draw what they see. Some can sit there and create worlds from their imagination. Natural talent is real but everyone can draw.

It just takes practice.

When you are naturally good at something ,generally you enjoy doing it, so you do it. If you struggle with anything then you put off doing that. We like to put ourselves into boxes of I can or I cant. But what we should really do is say I haven’t learned that yet or I haven’t tried.

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Being negative about yourself is the worst habit you can have. It holds you back from everything. People compare there work to others why?

We all do it, but why?

If someone has been drawing since the age of 5 and you have just started why would you be as good or as confident as them? Because are has a lot to do with confidence. I don’t mean showing off your artwork I mean the confidence to know you can draw something or paint something well. The confidence to try without feeling bad if you fail or not. Artists often hate their own drawings but they don’t see it as a failure they just try again.

No one draws perfectly every time.

No one.

Drawing for beginners

Believe in Yourself

I truly believe that everyone can paint and draw it just takes practice. Some people are naturally gifted and artistic but they also had to develop their skill. Some people just look at the world differently. If you took a sketch pad and drew a tree every night for a week I swear by the end you would have 30 different trees and you would be happy with some of them.

You don’t need a book, teacher or youtube to learn how to draw. These things all help you but it truly is as simple as hold the pencil and practice.

But you have to believe you can do it and you have to put the time in to make it happen.

Practice, Practice, Practice – Your Drawing Will Improve

Do warm-ups and silly drawings. This will help your pencil flow. Although I don’t like to tell you how to draw, we all develop our own style. I am not a fan of scratchy unconfident drawings. To me ( and this is personal) I like fluid pencil lines. If you watch most drawers they can do everything in seconds and it is very fluid.

As a beginner, you won’t have as much confidence but practising and warm-ups are essential.

Drawing for beginners

Drawing for Beginners: Docrafts Artiste Charcoal Set

Find What Drawing Medium Works Best For You

You have choices even in sketching. Pencils, mechanical pencils,  charcoal, pressed charcoal, charcoal pencils. It is important to play and find out what you like. It may not be the same as everyone else. I am not a fan of pastes or compressed charcoal but put a charcoal willow stick in my hand and I can draw for hours. It is rich and velvety and has a depth to it that cant be manufactured in any form.

But my most common tool is a pencil.

When I first started drawing I didn’t understand the point of the H range. But now I sketch in pencil and outline in pen I get it. It is soft sharp and precise.

You will find your favourite pencil and it may change

I have gone from a B2 to a H5 as my favourite. as I have progressed I now use the full range of pencils just for different things.


Drawing for Beginners

Drawing for Beginners: Docrafts Artiste Pencil Set

Don’t Hold Yourself Back Because You Don’t Think You Can Draw

You can

It takes time, but when it comes to art, drawing is the ultimate skill. It helps you plan out, sketch out compositions and bring a depth to your work. All good painters can draw!

But they sit there and do it because they love it so they do it more.

Drawing is definitely the cheapest art form you can do. Artiste new little sets are less than £4 and all you need is a pad to go with them. All you need is a pencil and pad and that it. Although to be fair you can draw with anything, pens, biros these are all fine as long as you practice.

Practice and don’t be hard on yourself.



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