Welcome to Crafty Arts – Watch our story

Welcome to Crafty Arts

We’re an established family business, with a passion for arts and crafts. From humble beginnings, we’ve spent the last 28 years committed to caring about our customers, our community, the products we sell and the service we provide. Watch the below video you will learn all about us, our store and our workshops. Learn more about what Crafty Arts means to us and to you.

Here’s our story…


Our Mission Statement

At Crafty Arts we believe that by putting customers first and through listening to what they want we can deliver the highest possible standards of customer care.

We aim to:

– Ensure that all customers receive a high quality service
– Make certain that customers are the heart of our business
– Ensure that if issues occur, they are dealt with quickly and efficiently
– Ensure that we are always looking forward to benefit our customers and our business

We at Crafty Arts ensure that we take exquisite care of our all of our customers.

Read our full mission statement here:

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