Beginner Painting Acrylics with the Artiste Range from DoCrafts

New from Docrafts comes Artiste: an ideal set for all those who are new to acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is a great medium to work with especially if you are a beginner. It is a waterbased paint and like watercolour, you don’t need any fancy mediums to get started with it.You can just buy your paints, brushes palettes and paper or canvas and get going.

Acrylic paint was invented to imitate oil paints but without the smell or the mess. This paint is still a still a little messy, and it can stain clothes and floors if you leave it to dry. So just beware of little ones, but if your child is neat and tidy then you don’t have any issues.



Acrylic paint

My rules for buying any art materials always start with a little and see how you go. DoCraft has brought out a range that is perfect for beginners and smaller budgets. Children, students and hobbyists will get along great with these easy to piece together products.

When it comes to colours I always prefer less is more, teaching yourself to mix colours properly and well is a real skill that needs to be worked on. A good rule to start with is to put blue red white and yellow on a piece of paper and see just how many colours you can make with them.

I mentioned that you don’t need any mediums to paint with, however, there are numerous mediums you can add to your paint to get different textures and volume. We have a whole blog on this here.




One of the best things about acrylic paint is that you can paint on pretty much any surface. If you want to work on anything porous like wood or ceramics you can, you just need to prime them first so the paint sits nicely on top. A thin coat of acrylic paint will really help brighten your painting down.

Traditionally, you use gesso, which is inexpensive to purchase and lasts a long time if you are working on small pieces. The more coats you give your canvas or surface the better. Even pre-primed canvas will look better with an extra coat.

Canvas and any surface can also be sanded when the gesso or acrylic is dry. You can also buy acrylic pads which are great especially if you want to plan out your masterpiece.



For beginners, you just need a hand full of brushes and it helps to really discover what shapes you like playing with. I honestly find that there is nothing I can’t achieve with a round brush. So a nice little set with some variation is great.

Again you should take the time to see what each brush does and what strokes and marks you can make.

You can also use palette knives to blend and paint with. These are so much fun! For abstract paintings, these are probably my favourite tool. Acrylic paint has no limits you can use any object to apply your paint to canvas depending on what you want to create, but that is a whole other blog.


Always work on a table or easel that you don’t mind getting messy, this stuff sticks. Always wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on! A jar or water and a paper towel will aid you through all of your painting. Never leave your brushes in the water jar. clean them, rinse them straight away, remove the excess water and leave them on a paper towel to dry whilst you are not using them.

If you look after your brushes they will work for you year after year, that goes for all art materials.

DoCrafts Artitse - Acrylic Paint

DoCrafts Artitse – Acrylic Paint

In Summary

For beginners and children, these Artiste acrylics are great. They can create paintings big and small and as they develop their painting skills they can add more colours. You can really learn the basics with them and the packaging is pretty cute too.

Beginning any new creative activity can be daunting and the last thing you want to do is waste money. This whole range allows you to experiment with nicely pigmented paints at great prices!

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