Star Gazers Noteworthy Constellation Stationery

Love stationery? Always got your head in the stars? Love to get organised? Get ready to be excited. This stationery collection from Noteworthy brand from Docraft is beyond gorgeous. If you love anything constellation themed then you will be stargazer happy. Already know you love it? Shop the collection here.



If you are organised then you will love this collection they have thought about all areas of organisation. However, if you are not very organised then maybe this is the set that will help you achieve this. We all know that buying something new and attractive can inspire us to tackle an issue. New storage, a new bag for me it always starts with stationery and getting life in order.

So I thought I would share a few of my top picks from this collection. The truth is I want it all but as I am saving for my wedding I will just treat myself to a few bits.



Desk Organiser

So my absolute favourite item may surprise you. it is the desk organiser. Mainly because of all the freedom it offers you. The reason why Bullet journaling works better than a diary is that there are no restrictions, no nates so no empty pages.

This organiser lets you plan your days and weeks as they come. It is also filled with handy tear-off lists and space so you can fill it in when you need it and nothing is wasted. I will be using mine in all my meetings as I can tear it off and attach it to my computer screens.



The notecards

Confession time, I already bought them. I have bought them for my wedding as a thank you notes for my family. As we are getting married under the stars I thought the look of them seems apt.

These are also a bargain compared to other notecards and purple and green are my favourite colours. I know this blog was going to be hard to select 5!




Yup, so I want everything in this photo. Tapes, Sticky notes ( apparently post-it notes is copyrighted) and the stickers.


I never ever use stickers in my bullet journal as I feel like I should draw everything myself. To be honest with you, I am running out of time and energy at the moment and these stickers are beautiful. I teach Pebeo mixed media and these have a feel of that enamel resin look. They may cause a little bump in my bullet journal but I am looking forward to it.


I love Washi tapes they are easy to use and make your journal look beautiful. These are just paper tapes, they aren’t the same quality as traditional washi tapes but Docrafts have improved them from the first paper tapes that they brought out.

I already have a few galaxy washi tapes but I don’t have these ones and I love all 4 designs. You are going to see this a lot in my future images.

Sticky Notes

Ideal for jotting down notes but I am actually going to stick them in my journal to create a focal point. They will beautify by bullet pages and make me feel organised and serene.




I really do want it all you know. I am going to convince Ellie to buy the paperclips so I can pinch one for my journal. She has her eye on the A5 notebook and the desk planner. She loves a pretty pen so she is buying that as well.

See we are terrible here.

If there is no stock left you to know it is because the Crafty Arts team has bought it all!

Star gazers Noteworthy constellation stationery is now available.

What do you have your eye on?


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