Mind Over Matter: Our Running Journey

What have we done? Crafty Arts running journey

After a meeting with Mind Havering the whole team got really excited. We signed up to run our first half marathon. Not so bad you may think? But none of us run. We thought it was time to get our Minds on the run.  I half heartily stared running last year for about half a minute. I got to 5k and then stopped running. We hope we can achieve mind over matter and push ourselves to complete this in our running journey.

This will be a challenge but with so many of us on board, we can help push each other through.

The rest of the team don’t run although Natasha and Jay have both ran a 10k before. And the rest of the team have done a fun run before but nothing near 21 kilometres

21 Kilometres

We are all excited and a bit anxious about challenging ourselves to 21k. We have downloaded some apps, picking out our kit. As this will be a group event we will be getting some cute tees or vest printed out. 21 kilometres feels daunting. We know there is going to aches pains and possible injuries but as we have 6 months to train we are going to ease into it and see how we get on. The rest of the team who aren’t running are going to be there to cheer us on.


Mind over matter

We have 6 months to train for the Half Marathon so plenty of time. We are all working on our fitness at work but the most important part is that we are doing this for the Charity Mind.


We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. Because of the amazing job that Mind does millions of people have access to advise and support.

As a charity Mind relies on donations and volunteers so our efforts are going to help raise funds as well. Instead of having individual pages we are all going to do a joint page under Crafty Arts so we get all our friends family and customers to donate in one place!

Our fitness journey

We are going to be doing a little Monday Diary, taking it, in turn, to show you our training, what things we have learned etc.

This has made me focus on getting fitter and in better shape for my wedding so for me I am truly excited. The run is just after my wedding so I have something to look forward too (or dread) depending on how I feel. Running and walking is therapeutic to me. It helps to clear my mind and de-stress after a days work. We are praying that this summer is not as hot as last summer. I hope I can work up to running 21k before the big day, that will be an achievement. I have already started planning some routes from Romford to Brentwood which is a good 7 mile run so the majority of the way there. Ideally, I want to run the whole 13 miles but we will see.

If you would like to donate we have attached the link so, please


Happy training

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