It’s Our Birthday, Celebrating 28 years in the business

Can you believe we are 28?

As our business continues to grow we thought we would reintroduce ourselves. We are a small family run business made of 15 members of staff. Being a small company means that we are a close-knit group who rely on each other to multitask and help out when it’s needed. We do have separate departments but we all like to get involved.  Heading up Crafty Arts is husband and wife team Jay and Natasha Necati. These first generation owners of Crafty Arts were thrilled to reach such a milestone.

“My parents started Crafty Arts in 1991 in Ardleigh Green and with the strength, knowledge and sheer determination. They built a strong foundation for both myself and Natasha to grow the business and take it to the next level.” Jay Necati

Almost 3 Decades!

Crafty Arts has almost 3 decades of experience that provides art and craft materials to all ages and all stages of creativity. We are based online and in store. We have expanded from arts and crafts into other hobbies like gardening and summertime leisure. Our team is like our family and we think of our customers as an extension of that. So we like to cater to everyone’s wants and needs.

We believe that everyone is creative in some shape or form – it is just a case of finding your niche. That’s where we come in – we want to help you find what suits you through products and teaching and proud to be able to continue to build the business and reach out more creatives”. Natasha

We love to celebrate a birthday, all the staff get a cake or doughnuts, depending on what they prefer as we like all our team to feel special and included. Our Birthday calendar gets fuller every year and we love it. We are still a small independent Arts and Crafts shop, which with the market the way it is is an achievement in itself.

We Owe This All To You

This is a thank you to you as well as a happy birthday! We owe this all to you, those customers who come back to us year after year. Who seek us out, order online, come to our little shop or take part in our workshops. As we are still a growing business and with every order, every like on our social media we appreciate it.

So thank you.


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