Inspiration: Easter crafts we want to try

Easter is all about being creative, school challenges with children and their Easter bonnets, egg decorating and other crafts. Sometimes we need a bit of inspiration to act as a bit of motivation? Here we show you all the crafts that we would love to try and maybe if you ask us we will attempt to make them next year!

Easter crafts we want to try:

Paint splattered eggs

Galaxy paintings are really on trend at the moment. Even John Lewis had a gorgeous Space Christmas tree filled with spacemen, aliens and planets. It was gorgeous. So it is not surprising that galaxy eggs are on trend this Easter. I do love galaxy everything 9 especially the chocolate. Layering colours can be tricky but galaxy eggs look messy and fun. This is definitely something I would like to try and make if I had a bit of time. I do have an Easter tree and these would look cute on it.

It’s just about layering your colours,

  • Start with a black base, paint the whole egg
  • Add a dark blue patch for depth
  • Play with metallic colours we recommend Graduate Metallic paints
  • Finally, get an old toothbrush and dip in white paint to get a star effect

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Rope eggs

Every time I see this image I think I would never put it away. Although fiddly I can imagine it isn’t that difficult to do especially if you cut the branch out of vinyl or just paint it on. The blossom looks really fiddly if they were individual petals but they are not. They are just fancy sequins so I could just buy those and add them on. The whole effect is absolutely stunning but I would probably add a string at the top so that I could hang them up on my Easter tree.

Like my Christmas tree, I would rather have lots of mix match colour then it all themed, but that is just me.

Candle eggshells

Now I actually did this last year. I invited my friends over and we had big Easter feats of pork belly and roast veg it was super yummy, we have farm masks 9chicks and sheep0 and for lighting, I bought duck eggs because they are white and filled them with tea lights. They burned nicely and looked lovely. I was really pleased with how they looked. This has been dressed beautifully with little quail eggs (they may be chocolate) daisies and wax flowers and feathers

If you are not sure where to get the wax from you could select one of our candle making kits and pour that in the egg shells. you would need much wax so you could still make more with the set.


Cloche scenes

How I love a cloche filled with items. This is very Victorian and oh so elegant. My dining room table is normally taken over with games and when we host a dinner I like to put all the dishes on the table and let people serve themselves. This is how I was brought up and it means you can help yourself to more without having to ask. But if I had the room I would buy a giant cloche and create these beautiful scenes. It’s a flexible space. You can put edible bits on there but find food can get a bit hot in them. I have two small cloches and I should probably try to make some. If you don’t have a lot cloche you can always use a lantern the bigger the better.

There really are no limits to the beautiful displays you can create with Easter crafts plus if you are stuck to entertain the children’s we also have workshops running this Easter. Book here to reserve your spot.

Perhaps next year when I have more time.

If you do want me to make anything just hashtag #challengedana

Hope you have a lovely Easter. Send us photos of what you have created and we will post them up on our social media.

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