Easter Trees and four days of bliss

Easter is here, is your Easter tree up yet?

Four days of bliss

Or a bit of panic. Whenever we challenge ourselves to make something special and put some effort it takes work. If we do it alone then it is even harder to do. decorating and theming a room or meal takes talent. You may not appreciate into Easter is a bit like Christmas, just on a smaller scale. It all about friends and family and gathering around for a big roast dinner whatever you feast on. This is a time of relaxation and fun.

So remember to take time for yourself this holiday, even with bored kids and a house full of family and friends. Make sure you make some time for yourself.

Are you like me and use it as a time to decorate?

If you think I am mad with my Easter tree a table setting you should see my sisters house. She does Easter swags they drape across the beams. Her house looks magical and the children love it.

Easter Trees

A current theme at the moment is Easter trees. Now I have been talking about Easter trees on this blog for the last 5 years so we know that I love them. The current trend, however, is not branches in a jug or one of those white trees you can buy from John Lewis but actual Christmas trees. People are buying white Christmas trees and covering them in eggs and decorations.

It’s all a wee bit mad for me but I do love to decorate. So maybe next year I will be swapping my white branches for a full white Christmas tree?

Who knows?

I am crazy about decorating!

If you click on this picture it will take you to the blog. its worth a read and would love to have my Easter Sunday lunch there it looks like heaven.

Easter hopes

I would ideally love to fill my house with decorations and go completely over the top each holiday. I should really just do it. Although I am not the biggest fan of bunnies I do love a beautifully dressed table and I do like to go a bit crazy when we have guests over. Last Easter I searched high and low for wooden coasters, the tree truck style. even though they are everywhere they didn’t look right or were far too small. My partner was not impressed. now he doesn’t mind them and they stay on the dining room table and suit the room. I did a woodland theme (bunnies live in the woods!) and we all had name cards and eggs

Easter holiday opening times

Just a little note about this upcoming Bank Holiday weekend. We are closed this Easter. Like every Easter from Good Friday to Easter Monday, back Tuesday as normal. I am lucky that our bosses feel that we should spend time with our families at this time of year. We are still online so you can place an order with us but nothing will be dispatched till the Tuesday when we get back.

So we truly hope that you have a lovely Easter.

Spend it with those you care about.

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