Love letters: Sealed with a Kiss

I love a wax seal. Today’s blog I am going to write a love letter and sealing it with a (wax) Kiss.

My friend had these on her wedding invites in the most gorgeous yellow. The moment I had received the invite I knew who had sent it just from the colour of the seal.

Wax comes in so many colours you are spoilt for choice. You can choose from the wax guns, to the melting spoons, or if you don’t have any fancy equipment you can use the wax sticks with the wicks still in them. Wax Seal 

Here I will show you a love letter and how to seal it with a Kiss, he he.

Elegant, old-fashioned and modern at the same time. I am not a fan of Valentines Day because I think it’s over commercialised or just made for lazy partners, but a letter and sentiment I have no issue with. Being personal is what love is all about. When I was at Uni all my single female friends would send each other Valentines day card so we weren’t left out. Valentines can feel like an exclusive club, I guess that’s why we have Galentines now.

I still think Valentines Day is unnecessary but as there are wax seals involved, I want to try these out.

Sealed with a (wax) Kiss

I am going to use this seal to dress up my letter.

You can send them to your partner, your Galentine or to a family member.

Seal a love letter

First, write your dearest a love letter. I am writing to my fiance as this is our last single year. With life and work being busy I  am using as practice for when I write my vows. I have written is on thick paper and slotted it into the envelope. This also gives me a great opportunity to practice my handwriting. I will type it out on word first so I know my spelling is written correctly.

This took me a while as I wanted it to be the right amount of sentiment and humour.

Time to get creative

I went on the hunt for suitable plants put if I had given it a bit more thought I could have used thyme or rosemary or even a small sprig of dried heather.

It was quite cathartic to do it. Then I hand cut my envelope. Used some butchers twine to wrap it. You load the wax like you do a normal glue gun, just allow it to heat up for a few minutes first.



You need to make sure that your knots are in the right place. Practice is definitely key. The whole point is to cover the seal of the envelopes but as you can see I missed it as I was playing with the greenery. I removed a few leaves to make it easier to stick down and also so you could see the detail of the

I also didn’t get a perfect circle but as the hot wax was going over the twig it was a little tricky to do. So I pumped the trigger about three times to get this amount of wax. It was really easy to do. If you are not sure when to take the seal away then just leave it until you can pull it off without it tugging. You can see my practice one in the background which is pretty perfect.


These wax seals have enough flexibility that they will survive a posting. Or you can deliver them by hand and put them somewhere they will be seen. You don’t have to put the twine or greenery on as they may not survive the post box!


The Wax seal takes no time at all, it doesn’t need a lot of practice but it does help and because of this little gun it has no waste either which I love! I think that as long as it is a personal note then anyone including your mum would love to receive it. We live in a world of technology where we think a text is a contact. I can hold my hand on my heart and promised you that I have never kept or printed out a text. But I do keep cards and letters from my loved ones. They Spark Joy, so they stay.

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