How to have a more ethical wedding

First of this is not a blog to make you feel guilty. Being ethical is something we should all be thinking about and it’s a lot more simple than you think. Here we give you a few tips on how to have a more ethical wedding.

You can do all of it, or just a few bits a have total piece of mind.

Wedding Stationery

I have spoken about the bin of destiny before. All you carefully crafty wedding invites, menus, rsvp cards will end up in the bin, maybe in the landfill. Do you need so many bits of paper, if yes then maybe try out the recycled papers? If no then maybe think about going online.

My friend recently went for an email invite. It was a bit odd as it was my first. It was also sent 6 weeks before the wedding so very close. The benefit was nothing to through away (I would have kept hers she is awesome) but also all the information on my phone was great. I didn’t have to search for the paper and it was easy to put my info into google maps.

It worked, it was cheap and was environmentally friendly. Win, Win, Win.

Making your own means you know where things come from, it can also make it a bit friendlier on the purse.


Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring



Buy vintage and second hand

From your rings, dress to your wedding décor. There are lots of wedding dress shops that sell second hand and vintage dresses. Just remember they have only been worn once so it’s not exactly second-hand. You can also sell it afterward so that you can make someone else’s day happy. or think about renting… then you can get a designer gown for a fraction of the cost! its one day, one magical day but just one day!

Vintage rings are gorgeous. You can always get the stones to reset into a different metal if you don’t want gold or silver as a band. You have a lot more options than you think and resizing is simple and there may already be a great love story behind your ring. I was recently given my grandmothers favourite and I love it. If I had received it before we bought the engagement ring I would have happily had it. It’s a piece of my family history and beautiful.

Hiring linens chairs and glasses can be really expensive. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy them, how crazy is that. You can also sell them afterwards because there is someone like you, who is dumbfounded by the price of everything.


Using confetti that is biodegradable or using natural petals is really popular if not a bit expensive. Most places won’t let you use confetti that isn’t biodegradable nowadays. So it is worth doing your research and finding out the information. You can even try drying your own petals to make a few extra handfuls of confetti. I am gathering an assortment of petals from my friend and colleagues which will cut down my expenses and keep my budget happy.




Carbon Footprint

If you get married and have the reception in one place you cut down the carbon footprint of all your guests. It also means that you don’t need to hire a wedding car. Which is money in your pocket! And no guests getting lost on the way!

Food and Flowers

When it comes to keeping your guests happy it is mainly the food that people long for. A wedding is a long day so it is important to feed them. So just think seasonal. If your food is in season, it will have less carbon footprint and is generally better for the environment. It is the same with flowers. Flowers are seasonal, peonies grow for two weeks in June ( maybe a little bit longer) but they are June flowers. If you want them outside of this time then you will need to pay a lot of money. They will be shipped across the ocean to get to your wedding, hence the expense.


Flowers and Bullet Journal



There are a lot more ways to be ethical for your wedding. None of these are complicated to achieve. You just need a bit of research but they may turn out to be budget friendly too. I hope you enjoyed our little wedding blog. Let me know if you want more or different things from this wedding series.



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