New Year Planning: A Greener 2019

It is easy to set goals for yourself, what needs improving, etc. Winter is the perfect time for planning your New Year, what you hope to achieve and accomplish. Are we thinking a little too small? We know what to do to improve our own health and even the environment but do we prioritize it over anything else? We all know the benefits of tucking into a healthy meal made from scratch using healthy ingredients but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy and we rely on takeouts and premade meals to make our lives easier.

There is nothing wrong with that.

So if we know the benefits of looking after ourselves perhaps we need to apply that to how we live and the world we live in.

We make smaller steps that help and better still make us conscientious about a Greener 2019.

New Year Planning: A Greener 2019



Time is precious

We do like to be green here at Crafty Arts but we are well aware of packaging and cups. Packaging is tricky because we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible however we want you to receive your parcel in one piece and sometimes that means extra packaging.

A few years ago, Jay decided that paper cups were too wasteful: terrible for the environment and an expense we didn’t need. He bought a second-hand coffee machine and normal cups. He made it easier for us to be less wasteful.
Our bins also got a reboot with super clear labels on them. Each bin has a list of what is allowed in it. To make it easier for the team to recycle.

We are in a constant battle with what is good for the environment and what is less time-consuming.

So it is time to make it easier to recylcle and be greener.

Small Changes

We have all had long enough to get to grips with paying for bags. Most of us have no issues paying for a sturdy bag we can reuse. But how many of us forget to take those bags out with us? Do you have a cupboard filled with bags like I do!

Make this a year where we carry a reusable bag in our bags.

Coffee cups and water bottles

We are all guilty of this. I generally don’t drink coffee when I am walking. But we are not in the true depths of winter yet. I have a gorgeous Kate Spade coffee cup that I am determined to start using when it gets colder. Or I can plan my time better and go have a coffee in a mug at home or in a coffee shop.

Water bottles have to be the hardest one. When we are thirsty that’s what we reach for. A nice healthy bottle of water. Healthy for us and bad for the environment. Most restaurants now put water on the table without you having to ask.

This is going to be my biggest challenge this year. Cutting down on my plastic bottles… is it time to contact the milkman?

More Plastic

We have all seen the turtle with a straw up his nose, plastic can holders strangling birds and creatures filled with microbeads. Make a choice, paper straws are useless in a drink and as soon as they coat them, they end up in a landfill. We don’t really need a straw at all so if we have to use them then why not go for a nice metal one.

Easy steps

Making your lunch will save the planet, oh yes. Think of all the plastic wrapped around your premade sandwich or salad. Think how many of these you have a week or a month. Meal deals offer you extras that you had no intention of buying. So as you put your water bottle and chocolate wrapper into the bin think about whether or not it was necessary. If you make it yourself, you will save money and save waste. But like I said before, your time is precious so no one is judging you for having it. I am just going to make a conscious effort to reduce my plastic this year. I am not sure I will be taking my Tupperware to the butchers or supermarket but I can at least reduced my lunch buying habits and put that money in my wedding fund!

Eating Less Meat

I love meat, it tastes great and you will never be able to turn me into a vegetarian or a vegan. I love poached eggs, steak and cheese far too much to be separated from it. Although I do like a vegetarian meal, pasta is simple and easy to make without meat. There are so many good vegetarian and vegan cookbooks out there now. There is no excuse not to at least try a few dishes. This is coming from someone who ordered a salad with a side of steak! Because the truth is those dairy and beef cows are producing a lot of methane which is bad for the environment. We need to take responsibility for this and maybe not have meat in everything ( like a nice salad).

Supporting our local farmers is much more important than giving up meat and cheese. All those avocados and tropical fruits and vegs had a higher carbon footprint than that British steak you are giving up. seasonal is always best and there are so may farm now stocking all sorts of fruit, veg, and pulses grown in soil closer to home.




At Christmas time and New Year, we are at our most wasteful. Today down my street is bin day and due to the bank holiday delays, there are more bins bags out than usual.  One family had 8 bags of waste, 4 recycling bags and her cardboard wrapped at the side. I couldn’t help thinking how wasteful it all was. It inspired me to write this blog and think about a greener outlook for 2019.

The trickiest part of recycling is making it easier for you. We have two bins at home to divide our waste from our recycling. We have a green bin to take away our garden waste as well as a full compost bin. This year I will try to be greener. Always carry a reusable bag with me. Stop drinking from plastic bottles and just try and be a bit more conscientious!

At work, we have stopped buying water bottles and instead have a water filter machine that cleans the water and we use glasses or our own eco-friendly bottles.

Natasha is looking into bikes for us to get to work. Unfortunately, we all have Gallows Corner to face, terrible bike paths, and terrible drivers to contend with. So if we don’t get bikes then perhaps we can all try to walk to work once a week.

Healthy for us, saves money and better for the environment.

We are looking forward to a Greener 2019

It’s just small steps, one day at a time.



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