How to Bullet Journal: Here are some great tips on creating a great planner

I have only been Bullet journaling for 3 years but I am addicted. I thought I would share with you some advice on your Bullet Journal. Planning can feel daunting. Putting dates and filling out the year may seem like an endless task. Or it can make you feel stress-free. I know at a glance if I have plans if I need to do things. What tasks I have completed, what things I still need to do.

My planner has all this information and I couldn’t live without it.

The truth is with bullet journaling you find your own way. Your own path and style. Because copying others won’t let you get organised. I am not good with the strictness of a diary. I feel disappointed if I don’t fill out this week’s tasks or actions. It makes me anxious to look at the structured boxes that haven’t been filled out. Whereas a bullet journal is organic. It grows and changes with you. If you are on holiday you don’t need to fill out your weekly plan, a list of things to do may be more appropriate.



My Advice

Don’t plan too far in advance

I have found that year at a glance is good for dates, if I have time I would like to do a holiday one as we. My holiday one helps me see birthdays and events all nicely colour coded. Then I like to organise my trackers that I know I have used before and work for me then it followed by my linear month.

This is my most used page.

I put all my events for the month it, workshops etc. It means if a friend has a birthday or wants to go out I can see if I have anything planned. Last minute events can happen because I have all the information in front of me in one place.

Don’t jump the gun

I have done it before when I painstaking wrote out my monthly spread. I then did all four weeks in a row, left a page for spare then did the next month. This left me we items in the wrong month and over spilling when I didn’t have to. Writing your four weeks is fine but what if you need to plan something in between its best to not plan too far in advance.

It is easier to do it week by week.

No need to rush.

If you feel you run out of time then try to keep it simple rather than fancy with leads me to my second snippet of advice

Don’t try to compete with others

There are so many amazing Bullet Journallers out there. They take their time watercolour, hand draws these incredible monthly images. I have done a few and I loved doing it. The pressure can be a little too much. Don’t compete find your own way. Draw your own doodles don’t copy others just use them for inspiration.

Personally, as much as I love my more decorated pages I really love my simple ones that are just listed under the days. I like to have my week at a glance so I can see my plans. At work, if my bullet journal isn’t open in front of me then I probably have not stuck to the plan and that’s when my organisation unravels.

Plus if I don’t have time to hand draw a border then I can just use my washi tapes to create a vivid border.

Trackers are there to help not to hinder

There are a million trackers for different reasons. If you are having health issues it is a good way to monitor them. Savings, water, Netflix, movies, date nights. You name it you can have a tracker for it. Don’t put them in because everyone else has them in theirs. I have never filled in my book tracker even though I spent a while drawing the silly bookcase.
Repeat what you use but leave anything you haven’t filled.

This process is supposed to enjoyable, so enjoy it.



Don’t Buy everything that influencers try to sell you

Buy those pretty washi tapes. Buy new pens (I have and I definitely will always buy more). Invest in a good journal or practice in a cheap notebook, to begin with. But you don’t need everything. Good pens I would recommend Tombows they do everything for you and a hardback notebook. Leuchtturm really are wonderful notebooks I just wish they did more colours. I started out in a normal sketchbook and when I filled it up I knew I would do the expensive notebook justice.

Plus I love it.

My Bullet journal holds my world I would be lost without it!

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